Five Day Flip

Five Day Flip

Five Day Flip


Australia's Renovating Queen, Cherie Barber, is set to join the ranks of fellow Aussie lifestyle stars Curtis Stone and Jamie Durie and make her debut on US television with her home renovation series – Five Day Flip - which is the newest addition to the home and lifestyle channel, HGTV.


The TV series will make its official premier on the US channel on 4 February and Cherie is excited saying, 'Five Day Flip isn't like any other renovation show around at the moment; instead of just focusing on the WOW factor, which usually brings along a higher price tag, the show is focused on the reality of renovations which is something that most people can relate to."


Five Day Flip will follow host Cherie Barber as she sets on the ambitious journey to renovate an entire home with her team of expert contractors working together to figure out how to get in, transform the property and get it back on the market within five days.

Cherie has built her renovating profile on teaching people how to turn run down properties into gold mines in a way that every day Aussies can relate to.


'The US show will be aimed at teaching people how to achieve their dream home or how to work on a budget for a profit project. The trick is knowing where to focus your efforts for the biggest return on your renovation buck", says Cherie.   


With over 24 years of renovating experience, and over 50 renovations under her belt, Cherie founded Renovating For Profit in 2009, which provides education and workshops to budding Australian renovators who want to cash in on the current property boom.

On the success on securing the US TV series, Cherie says 'I'm so excited to be given my own US TV show. It's very hard for Australian TV hosts and experts to break into the US market and I'm so fortunate to have that fall in my lap!


I've loved working with my US crew and contractors. It's been one of the most amazing experiences in my life and a huge learning experience. I feel incredibly lucky to be renovating properties on the other side of the globe, learning new construction techniques and discovering unique interior styles. I've been renovating for over 20 years and this experience has definitely taken my renovating skills to the next level!"


Cherie Barber is a regular on popular Network TEN's The Living Room, having appeared for the last four seasons, and on Foxtel Australia's Lifestyle Home network as the renovation and development expert, where she makes regular appearances tackling ambitious home renovation projects.


Cherie will also be returning to The Living Room this year for Season 5 where she will be taking on a number of exciting home renovations for 2016.


Cherie Barber, a renovation expert, public speaker, entrepreneur, mother and TV host Cherie has been dubbed by the media as -Australia's Renovation Queen', with over 24 years of profitable renovations under her belt. Cherie launched Renovating For Profit in 2009, and has since provided quality property education to over 8,000 students in Australia.