Bad Sport: Four Corners

Bad Sport: Four Corners

Bad Sport: Four Corners

Screens Monday 1 February at 8.30pm on ABC

Bad Sport: Four Corners investigates the criminal networks threatening the integrity of sport.

'We're talking about a multi-headed monster here." Sports Integrity Specialist

As match-fixing allegations rock the tennis world, Four Corners takes you into the heart of the scandal.

'Corruption in sport is one of the fastest growing organised crime types in the world." Australian Law Enforcement Officer

Four Corners meets the investigators on the frontline as they play a daily game of cat and mouse.

'Interestingly where we tend to see more activity around match-fixing is some of the lower levels of tennis and where these guys aren't playing for much prize money." Betting Risk Analyst

With the gambling industry turning over more than a trillion dollars a year, organised crime networks are exploiting vulnerable sports like tennis, to fix matches and launder money.

'There are literally dozens of tournaments which are taking place every week and the gambling markets will take bets on any and all of those levels of tennis, so the possibility for corruption is extensive." Former Sport Administrator

While tennis administrators have been quick to reject the allegations of a widespread match-fixing problem, Four Corners asks: are they in denial?

'There is still a huge question mark over the integrity of some tennis games." Sports Integrity Investigator

Four Corners returns Monday with this must watch episode, three months in the making, with new revelations and exclusive interviews.