He's just turned 30, and this week Gold Coast based entrepreneur Ben Jesinowski is launching business number four - FITBEAUTY AUSTRALIA - with a Pre-Workout Anti-Wrinkle Serum aimed at meeting the growing demand for skincare products that address specific consumer concerns, which in this case is 'gym face' and the ageing effects of working out.

The idea for FITBEAUTY was conceived in May 2018 when Ben, an ex personal trainer (whose past businesses have included running his own personal training business at age 18, and selling innovative training supplements with great success), was working out at the gym.

"I was on the chest press and really pushing it out. All the intensity showing on my face and my best mate spotting me said that I looked like 'Benjamin Button - the old version, not the young pretty one' and this got me thinking. I began doing some research as to whether 'gym face' was actually a thing, and whether people were even concerned about it. Turns out they were," he says.

With a deep interest and knowledge in science and chemical compounds, Ben has spent over 18 months researching the topic and in the process uncovered many insights into the issue.

"I discovered that we potentially use 60 times the force of our facial muscles during times of exertion than 8 hours of a normal working day, not to mention the damage the sun causes in terms of fine lines and wrinkles if you are training outside," he says.

"I also spent an enormous amount of time consulting with people involved in the IFBB Pro League (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), nutritionists, athletes, personal trainers, and fitness models to uncover their biggest skin concerns."

Through a series of meetings and intimate roundtable discussions Ben discovered that many of them had frustrations with the skincare products currently available on the market, with their biggest concern being that it was too general in nature and that they didn't feel it was doing much in terms of protecting their skin when working out, and that they were all interested in anti-ageing.

With confidence that there was a market for a fitness specific beauty product, Ben Jesinowski set out to create a dual functionality composition that would provide anti-wrinkle protection during exercise and a powerful restorative complex to give the user luminous healthy skin while fighting free radicals and the aging process.

This process required Ben to educate himself on the elaborate and fast growing skincare industry, and to get to know the labs, designers and experts he'd eventually partner with to make his company a reality.

After several false starts and frustrating obstacles both overseas and home, he found a lab that understood his mission, and in collaboration with a team of Australian and Californian Dermatologists (U.S.A), skin specialists, anti-ageing consultants, competitive athletes and business owners working inside of the fitness, cosmetic and injectables industry, over a period of months finalised everything from the product formulations, to the innovative packaging his first product comes in - a plastic syringe inside a silken paper box - with many test pots and failed attempts involved.

Ben says he is now very happy with the final product which he says "will help fight ageing and make your skin look younger and healthier and combat the damage that fitness and exercise cause."

The product is now available at with a 30% off launch offer.