Falling Asleep with Tottie Goldsmith

Falling Asleep with Tottie Goldsmith

Tottie Goldsmith researched and wrote this CD with internationally renowned sleep scientist Chris Bunney. They combined Tottie Goldsmith 's 12 years of meditation experience and Chris's scientifically proven and best-practice techniques for treating sleep disorders. Tottie Goldsmith 's soothing voice will lead you through a combination of simple yet proven and powerful techniques to relax the body and facilitate you through the transition from wake to sleep.

The purpose of sleep is for the mind and body to recover from the experiences of the day just gone, and to prepare for the next. This CD is designed to facilitate you through the transition from wake to sleep with several scientifically proven techniques that will lead you from a state of tension and arousal, to a feeling of deep relaxation and sleepiness.

Continuing as a house-hold name in the entertainment industry, Tottie has recently turned her attention to the wellness industry. From an abnormal upbringing and the high pressure, rollercoaster of the entertainment industry, Tottie ended up with the over-achievers illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1997. Three years with this lonely illness, she had to get herself well and stay on track, and she did this through meditation. With the need to find wellness and balance in her own life, Tottie is now passionate about helping others through corporate speaking appearances and her wellness CD's.

The corporate market has embraced Tottie and she has addressed audiences for companies including RetireInvest, McDonald's and Holden. She has hosted numerous charity events including Clown Doctors, RVIB Ball, Starry Starry Nights, TLC for Kids and the annual Mothers Day Comedy Debate for Melbourne University.

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