Fact: You need to keep a bottle of face mist with you at all times

Fact: You need to keep a bottle of face mist with you at all times

Fact: You need to keep a bottle of face mist with you at all times

Yes, you NEED (emphasis on need) to keep a bottle of face mist with you at all times. We cannot stress this enough! If you're an avid face mist user, you most certainly get it. If you're aren't… prepare to be demystified (pun very much intended).

What is a face mist?

More than fancy water, to put it simply, face mists are beauty waters. They suit different skin types, they can moisturise or mattify, calm and brighten, protect your skin against pollution and even boost your mood. Depending on what you need, they're packed with ingredients that'll fit right into your skin goals routine.

Will it hydrate my skin?

If there's one thing face mists do, it's hydrating your skin. A few spritzes and your skin will be instantly hydrated. But, choose your mists wisely, not all face mists are created equal. A hydrating facial mist like Jurlique's Sweet Violet and Grapefruit Hydrating Mist will provide instant hydration and support moisture balance. It's also packed with potent Sweet Violet extracts that'll help improve your skin's moisture levels and plant-based antioxidants that'll help replenish and protect dehydrated skin.

Oily or Combination skin friendly?

When you have oily or combination skin, sometimes the last thing you want to do is add an extra step into your skincare routine that might promote excess oil or leave your skin tight. If you have oily or combination skin, you'll want something lightweight to prevent clogged pores and build up. A cult favourite that's perfect for this skin type (and all skin types) is Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist. This rosewater face mist will assist in restoring your skin's pH levels and hydrate while minimising oil.

Okay, but when can I use a face mist?

Face mists are so versatile that you can use them anytime and anywhere. If your skin's feeling parched you can spritz your face with a hydrating face mist, or on a hot summer's day you can use a refreshing face mist to soothe your skin. The possibilities are endless, but here are our favourite ways to use facial mists:

In the morning, after your moisturiser:
You want to keep all the hydrating goodness after moisturising, don't you? When you lightly mist your face after moisturising, you're locking in all that juicy goodness that keeps your skin glowing and supple.
Hot tip: Using a face mist right after applying makeup will also keep your makeup looking flawless for longer!

To overcome the midday office slump:
Your morning was super productive, nearly answered all your emails, haven't stopped for a scroll on Instagram... then the afternoon rolls in. Clock strikes 3 and you're ready to head home and hit the sofa. We've all been there. Break that midday slump and boost your mood with a quick spritz of Jurlique's Elderberry & Freesia Hydrating Mist. That wash of cooling and refreshing relief on your skin and upliftingly delicious scent will perk you up instantly!

To refresh your makeup:
Meeting some girlfriends for happy hour drinks after work? A face mist will be your best friend when it comes to refreshing your makeup after a long day. If you need a little touch up - blot the excess oil, lightly powder down, and mist away to instantly revive your makeup and leave you with an amazing natural glow.

Before Your Beauty Sleep:
What's more relaxing than being wrapped up in comfy sheets ready for bed? Nothing… except a calming face mist to help you relax! Hydrate your skin before bed so you wake up with dewier and plumper skin in one spritz. The potent Lavender extract in Jurlique's Lavender Hydrating Mist will both hydrate your skin and help calm you down before you catch some zzz's.

How to use a face mist properly

It's easy-peasy! Just grab your favourite face mist, gently close your eyes and mist in a slow circular motion about 13cm from your skin. Gently inhale the uplifting scents and take a moment to live in the misting moment… and voilà!

Before you know, you'll always have a face mist on deck: one in the bathroom, one on your vanity, one in your bag, and one on office desk table!

By now, you should be fully ready to embrace the mist. Head to a Jurlique store near you to find the right mist for you, or check out the Jurlique website for their full collection.