Australia's Expert on Labiaplasty

Australia's Expert on Labiaplasty

Australia's expert on labiaplasty and women's intimate areas says that genital treatments and surgery are all about empowering women.

Dr. Anh Nguyen, Australia's leading expert in labiaplasty spoke at the International Symposium of Plastic Surgery in Brisbane earlier this month.

Dr. Anh held the stage with Dr. Lina Triana, the international expert on labiaplasty and women's intimate areas. Both doctors discussed labiaplasty to open the symposium.

Dr. Anh states: "Treatments and surgery for a woman's intimate area are all about empowering women. "

"Women's health must have a holistic view. We can no longer compartmentalise the different aspects of our lives. For women, their sexual health and satisfaction is just as important as their professional, social, personal and financial health. Women's sexual health and satisfaction is often overlooked and is still seen as a taboo subject that many people are uncomfortable to discuss."

Genital Cosmetic Surgery (Labiaplasty) is available to women who suffer from functional discomfort when participating in sporting activities, wearing tight pants, or from pain during sexual intercourse or for women who feel self-conscious/ aesthetically dissatisfied about the appearance of their genital area in swimwear, gym clothes or whilst naked.

According to Australian Medicare statistics, the number of women who have had a labiaplasty has more than tripled since the year 2000, rising from 444 women in 2000 to 1,427 in 2014.

From her clinical experience, Dr. Anh says labiaplasty is a "good operation in the right patient" – this is someone she explains has "realistic expectations".

Dr. Anh's labiaplasty practice is predominantly the Modified Wedge Procedure with a four-layered closure, which on average is a 60-90-minute procedure done under either Local Anaesthetic, IV Sedation or General Anaesthetic.

For someone not yet ready for surgery, Dr. Anh offers the Mona Lisa Touch, non-surgical treatment which uses fractional laser technology to tighten vaginal skin and reduce the size of the labia.

Labiaplasty has high satisfaction rates. From the data available from international literature there was a >90% improvement in aesthetic outcomes, a >90% improvement in functional goals and >90% would do it again and recommend it.

As with any surgery there are patients who labiaplasty would not be suitable for – namely those with active gynaecological disease or unrealistic expectations.

Also, one must be aware of potential risks and complications associated with the surgery and ensure they follow the post-operative instructions from their surgeon.