Escape from Scorpion Island

Tim Brooke-Hunt, ABC TV's Executive Head of Children's today announced an exciting new initiative for ABC Kids Television.

In Escape from Scorpion Island 16 British and Australian kids aged between 11 and 14 are marooned on an exotic island and compete in teams to be the first to conquer the island and learn how to escape from it. The challenges and stunts the kids must tackle are devised by world experts and are like nothing else on children's television.

Brooke-Hunt said, "This is a great opportunity to bring a unique and dynamic children's adventure series to Australian audiences, and clearly the kids are excited too. Since the Australian call for contestants went out a week and a half ago, there has been over 21,000 web views and over 10,000 entry-form downloads."

The first series of Escape from Scorpion Island, filmed in Brazil, was produced by UK based media group RDF for the BBC, and was screened daily to British audiences in 2007. ABC TV is thrilled that the next two series will be filmed back-to-back in Australia, giving Australian kids the chance to participate in the fun and games over 60 half hour episodes.

Escape from Scorpion Island is an RDF Media/Freehand production for BBC and ABC TV.

Chris O'Mara, Commercial Director of Freehand Productions said, "Escape from Scorpion Island is perhaps the most exciting, adventurous and fun kids show on British television, and we are thrilled to be part of the production moving to Australia. The ABC and BBC synergy is perfect, and we look forward to delivering what will be one of the best kid's shows on Australian television."

While Nigel Pickard, RDF Media's Family Entertainment Director said: "We're delighted that ABC TV has joined the BBC as a co-producer on this hit series. It will bring an exciting new dimension to the show and we can't wait for our children to take on hair-raising challenges in Australia next month."

Escape from Scorpion Island will be shooting in Australia from July 26 to August 16 and series two will premiere on ABC TV later this year, while series three, is set to go out in 2009.