Envirobank Rewards Program

Envirobank Rewards Program

In an Australian-first, CBD Enviro Services will launch a national recycling incentive scheme titled Envirobank.com.au.

How does it work?
Similar to the Cash for Cans program, Envirobank.com.au makes it possible for people to not only recycle, but also earn credit towards purchases online from selected businesses. Once a customer (or household) has registered online at www.envirobank.com.au , they will be sent an info pack and a login number.

Narelle Anderson, Managing Director of CBD Enviro Services and creator of Envirobank.com.au says, "Our plan is to install Envirobank.com.au collection units at multiple sites. These deposit points will be capable of accepting glass, plastics, aluminium and paper.

The customer will receive a loyalty card that they will swipe prior to making deposits and their card will be credited based on the number of containers they deposit. By logging into the website, the customer will then be able to check the balance on their account, make purchases or donate their credits to a charity of their choice. Every time you swipe your card and make a deposit, you will also receive an additional entry into our monthly prize draw and cash giveaways. Loyalty card holders are able to achieve platinum status by making multiple deposits that are free from contamination. Once platinum status is achieved, their recyclables are worth more."

Narelle says, "Our goal with Envirobank.com.au is to further develop a business that lives its sustainability and environmental policies and is also socially responsible. This initiative was developed with a win/win attitude in mind, and is set to revolutionise the current recycling market."

Envirobank.com.au will also direct a percentage of its profits to local charities. "We will be looking for Australian charities that have low administration costs," says Narelle. "In other words we want to see a direct impact of any funds that are given to these organisations. Rather than sending a cheque for a 100 trees, we will actually send 100 trees or buy the heart defibrillator and send it to the children's ward." The initiative will actively support two nominated charities as selected by participating households.

Narelle's vision for Envirobank.com.au is simple: "Envirobank.com.au will have a significant impact on the recycling targets as set by the Department of Environment and Conservation. We are slowly tracking towards reduction to landfill targets that are to be achieved by 2014. However, I think this program will help fast-track those targets. I also suspect it will also have many flow on benefits; reduction of waste to landfill, savings in natural resources, reduction of litter as people won't throw recyclables on the ground if they have some value. This is just a few of the benefits - there are many others listed on our website Envirobank.com.au under 'Recycling Facts'. Envirobank.com.au is intended to make people take recycling seriously and what better way to incentivise people than to reward them for doing so?"

How did the concept arise?
Narelle says, "The concept is not new. I remember earning pocket money from the Cash for Cans program as a kid and I loved it. I thought it was about time we revisited that program as now, more than ever, we understand the importance of recycling." Envirobank.com.au will launch in NSW and then go national once the program is established and demand grows.

Where do the recyclables go?
All the recyclables will be transported to a material recovery facility for sorting and bailing, before they are transported to manufacturers for reprocessing.

For further information, please visit www.envirobank.com.au