Environmental Film Festival Australia

Environmental Film Festival Australia

Environmental Film Festival Australia

Australia's most thought-provoking film festival, Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA), returns next month (29 September) to Melbourne and will continue on to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.


Now in its seventh year, EFFA delivers groundbreaking films that traverse the relationship between humans and their environments and challenge people to think about the natural world, discuss, explore and possibly act on important environmental issues.


The EFFA program takes audiences on a deeper exploration of issues and fuels conversations about how to make the world a better place, now and into the future with business people, scientists, government, academics, creatives and environmentalists. More than just a film festival, EFFA is a community for committed environmental advocates and the -green curious'; a place to get together to think, feel and hear about sustainable solutions and opportunities for individuals and as a collective.


Two films already confirmed for EFFA 2016 include:


Bugs on the Menu

Australian Premiere

Most people in the West continue to be reliant on traditional agricultural practices, hooked on a steady stream of chicken, beef and pork. Bugs on the Menu asks us to reconsider the dietary choices many of us take for granted every day by presenting a prescient and informative study of the health and environmental benefits of eating insects.


Director Ian Toews treks the globe to explore cultures in which entomophagy is commonplace. Bugs on the Menu also presents a fascinating insight into a new generation of innovative start-up companies who work to introduce a delectable myriad of insect-based dishes to Western cultures. Hitting a joyous register, Bugs on the Menu effectively captures the infectious optimism of those who believe that entomophagy may just be the key to solving our global food issues.


Death By Design

On the eve of Apple launching a new iphone, this penetrating investigative documentary by filmmaker Sue Williams uncovers the deadly environmental and health costs of the electronic devices we operate every day.


In China, labour has been outsourced by major US companies looking to cut costs and exploit environmental loopholes. Back in the US, Williams visits overflowing landfills, erected by throwaway-culture where gadgets purposefully in-built with finite lifespans that are insouciantly discarded by their users. Left to decay over time, the toxins leak from the ground proving to have debilitating health effects on unwitting members of the nearby communities. Despite the devastation, Williams' film is one of hope, documenting young activists who fight to hold electronics brands accountable for their actions and entrepreneurs who are working to develop more ethical and sustainable products for our future.


EFFA will launch a new website which will be a meeting hub for everyone from the film-buff to the green-curious family and the chance to converse with film directors, theorists, policymakers, our patrons and our volunteers and more. 


EFFA's full program will be launched on Thursday 25 August, with the Festival beginning on Thursday 29 September in Melbourne then hitting the road to start a nationwide conversation