Ecosilk Bag

Ecosilk Bag

A Thousand Uses Provide For a Greener Future

With the phasing out of single use plastic bags across the country, shoppers will be encouraged to re-consider the conventional plastic bag by choosing a greener and re-usable alternative.

Ecosilk bags can be used time and time again and one Ecosilk bag is estimated to eliminate up to a thousand plastic bags during its five year life span. The Ecosilk collection boasts five versatile styles – traditional shopping bag, shoulder, fruit & veg as well as a drawstring and mini bag. All are made to a high standard from endlessly recyclable 100% nylon parachute silk, a hard wearing material providing a weight capacity of up to 14 kg for the shopping and shoulder bags.

Lightweight and compact, all designs can be conveniently tucked into a pocket, glove box or the smallest of handbags - ready to help carry the load when heading to the supermarket, library, gym, beach, picnic or when travelling. The quick drying fabric allows for all bag styles to be tossed in the washing machine to be washed again and again and again.

While Ecosilk bags may be the green alternative, their vibrant and extensive colour palette is anything but drab – offering an environmentally sound choice without compromising on style. A choice of 27 hues and an affordable price point allows users to stock up on a variety of shades and whip out the right coloured Ecosilk bag when carrying assistance is required.


Ecosilk's Emily Hay tips to remember your bags:
Included SHOPPING BAGS in large letters at the top of every shopping list
Leave bags in the car or at the front door as this will give a visual cue to remember
Keep bags and shopping list in the same drawer
Buy multiple bags


The Ecosilk Collection consists of:

Ecosilk Shopping Bags
Colours include: chocolate, burgundy, ruby, red, tangerine, gold, apple, aqua, emerald, peacock, olive, royal, navy, jade, black, purple, jacarandah, lilac, pink, gunmetal and plum.
RRP: $10.25 each / packs of six: $56.75

Ecosilk Shoulder Bags 
Colours include: mocha, chocolate, black, jade, royal, sea green, aqua, apple, pumpkin, ruby, purple, amethyst & cerise.
RRP: $11.75


Ecosilk Fruit & Vegie Bags
Colours include: chocolate, burgundy, red, pumpkin, gold, apple, aqua, emerald, peacock, olive, royal navy, jade, black, gun, purple, jacarandah, lilac, pink & plum.
RRP: $5.65 each or pack of six: $31.25


Ecosilk Drawstring RRP: $3.95
Mini Drawstring RRP: $1.95

*plus postage and handling

For stockists please visit: or call: 02 6689 7162