Eat Your Heart Out Comedy

Eat Your Heart Out Comedy
Eat Your Heart Out is a joyful, delicious revelry; a razor-sharp observational comedy about hypocrisy, personal green washing, and how when you're really, really mean, the only person who will still love you is your little sister.


Eleanor and Beatrice are two sisters who meet once a week, every week, for lunch. Their lives are all about charm, charity and keeping up appearances. While others struggle, they only have to navigate the menu. Until now. Misfortune strikes, catapulting them on a chaotic quest to find the meaning of life. One lunch at a time. For these two Gucci-clad harpies, understanding the big 'why' is the ultimate status symbol - hard to find and never on sale. They give the finger to performative goodness and virtue signalling sounds to them like a great name for a clothing brand. Their interrogation of existence results in religious revelations, attempted revolution, cannibalistic fantasies and an anaphylactic reaction to paprika.


Eat Your Heart Out

Playing March 6th to 17th at La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond Street Carlton 3053


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