Dylon Machine Dyes

Dylon Machine Dyes

Dylon Machine Dyes

Dylon helps you bring your denims back from the brink
From a comfortable pair of slouchy blue jeans on a lazy Sunday to black skinnies on a night out, denim is the ultimate and versatile wardrobe staple. As seasons change, colours fade and fashion trends evolve leaving you with a much loved but tired pair of jeans. Rather than saying goodbye to your favourite yet faded denim, say hello to Dylon's new range of Machine Dyes and breathe a new life into your wardrobe.

The new fashion colours of Dylon Machine Dyes allow you to "fashion-proof" your denims, giving you the power to transform and update without the added dollars. In Velvet Black, Navy Blue and Dark Brown, the colours are completely customisable - simply choose your desired shade and follow the easy recipe to achieve your new look. Will it be this season's eye-catching bright blue, a sleek black or a classic indigo? What's more, with the latest in dyeing technology you know you're always going to get a flawless finish from Dylon - and no adverse effects to your washing machine.

From Victoria Beckham to Gwen Stefani, the latest trend to be seen is customised, bleached denim. But you don't have to shell out a fortune to get the designer version - unleash your inner designer and follow these easy steps to DIY:
How to fade dark denim jeans;
1.Renew colour in your old faded denims with Dylon machine dye first , or if you have a new pair don't wash them
2.Use strong bleach (max strength) e.g. White King bathroom thick bleach with the squirt top, apply directly onto the denim
3.Over a bathtub or on a garbage bag and wearing rubber gloves, apply bleach to the area you wish to remove colour and leave for about 20 minutes
4.Rinse with cool water then wash your jeans as normal, with detergent. Repeat wash two-three times to ensure all the bleach is washed out
5.For an extra dimension, over-dye your jeans - Dylon's China Blue Hand dye will give dark denim the designer look or try black jeans with Intense Violet or Goldfish Orange

Denim can be as individual as you are and customisation is always in vogue. Keep those new jeans looking new for longer, bring last season's pair of jeans back into high rotation with a bold new colour or even just revitalise an old favourite. With ease your wardrobe can be renewed and refreshed, at the fraction of the price you would be paying for a new purchase.

Established in England in 1946, Dylon dyes were born in a year of progression: In Italy, women voted for the first time, while in France the world's first bikinis made headlines. Dylon was the ray of sunshine that post-war London needed, thriving in the 'make-do and mend' mentality of the time and brightening up the homes, wardrobes and spirits of Britain.

Since then, Dylon has earned its reputation as the experts in colour. From its part in the psychedelic, swinging 60's through to the launch of innovative cold-water and machine dyes, Dylon has found itself firmly set amongst the fashion forward.

Permanent Colour for Fabric: Suitable for Front & Top Loading Washing Machines
Create brilliant new looks or refresh the colour of much loved items in a few easy steps, giving permanent results you can be proud of. Dylon Machine Dyes won't stain the washing machine and won't run in the wash.

Suitable for dyeing 500grams of cotton, linen and viscose to full colour shade or 1kg to a lighter shade. Lighter shades also achieved on polyester mix e.g. cotton/polyester. Not suitable for pure synthetics, wool, silk, polyester or fabrics with special finishes (e.g. dry clean only). Final colour will depend on the original fabric colour and type. Colour mixing rules apply, e.g. red dye on blue fabric gives purple. Some articles may contain polyester stitching which will not dye.

Instructions For Use In Top Loading Machines:
Set machine to longest wash cycle, warm water (40C) and lowest water level to cover fabric - start cycle. Note: you can use cold water for the rinse cycle.
When machine is full add dye and 1kg of salt. Allow to agitate for 1 min so dye and water is mixed, then add fabric and allow full cycle to finish.
Now for the wash-off cycle: push clothes to one side, add washing detergent and run warm wash (40C) cycle to remove excess dye and clean inside the machine. Do not pour washing detergent directly onto dyed clothes. Wipe washer lid & machine.
Dry fabric away from direct sunlight and heat, do not tumble dry after dyeing.
Clean machine cycle: if you wish to use bleach to clean the machine, add 1 cup of laundry bleach & detergent and run longest cycle with machine empty.

Instructions For Use In Front Loading Machines:
Add dye directly to drum inside machine; do not use the dispenser tray. Cover dye powder with 500 grams of salt & add fabric to be dyed.
Run warm wash (40C) delicates cycle.
Now for the wash-off cycle: leave clothes in the machine and run warm wash (40C) cycle with detergent to remove excess dye.
Dry fabric away from direct sunlight & heat, do not tumble dry after dyeing.
Clean machine cycle: add detergent & run warm wash (40C) cycle with machine empty.

Available in three shades: Velvet Black, Intense Violet, Navy Blue, Dark Brown