Dylon Brighter Whiter Whites wash after wash

Dylon Brighter Whiter Whites wash after wash
School uniforms in need of a refresher? PE Shirts starting to yellow? Towels, toys, socks beginning to fade? Whitening and brightening whites need not be a long-winded chore.. thanks to the all new, Power Whitener by Dylon.

We all know kids get messy - finger painting, building sandcastles, creating with glue and glitter, even eating dirt - but what we don't always notice is their white clothes fading over time and with wear.

Power Whitener is the only product on the market that not only cleans your washing but whitens them too. With multi-purpose optical brighteners and oxy-based dual action stain remover in one, Power Whitener, is designed specifically for white wash loads.

For best results be sure to follw these quick and easy steps:

Machine Wash
- Empty one sachet into soap dispenser drawer or directly into the drum of a top-loading machine.
- Add detergent, wash and dry as usual
- Effective at all wash temperatures.

- Dissolve contents of one sachet into the hottest water the fabric label allows
- Add garments, wash and dry as usual - safe to soak overnight
- No additional detergent is required
- Rubber gloves should always be worn

Send kids' stains and mess into a spin with new Dylon Power Whitener.Now there's no need to stress over faded whites and washing woes, with new Power Whitener it's quick easy and it works.

RRP: $7.95