Dr Naomi's Let's C Serum

Dr Naomi's Let's C Serum

Let's C 35ml RRP $129

A truly one of a kind formula, Let's C Serum blends THREE forms of Vit C in a lightweight fast absorbing serum with a dream-like application. 


Let's C Serum is the ultimate weapon for skin radiance and firmness you'll never want to run out of.


An antioxidant-rich serum formulated with three forms of Vitamin C, firming Peptides and a blend of skin-supporting Ceramides.  Protects against free radical damage while promoting they synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Dr Naomi Skin's 23.5% Triple Vitamin C Whip formula includes: 

10% Ascorbic Acid, and 13.5% of Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate & Ascorbic Palmitate complex proven to promote synthesis of collagen and elastin to visibly improve skin firmness and elasticity. Offers antioxidant protection against free radical damage.

Firming Peptides: Powerful anti-ageing peptides (Dermaxyl) work to firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as support the skin's natural barrier.

Skin Nourishing: A blend of ceramides and skin soothers helps skin to remain supple, smooth and hydrated.


Dr Naomi's Let's C

RRP: $129



About Dr Naomi Skin 

In an industry first-of-its-kind, Dr Naomi Skin has brightening at the core of the range across all of its 18 products. The Dr Naomi's Proprietary Brightening Cocktail targets pigmentation, improves clarity and restores a luminous sparkle back to skin - it's the dream. But brightening isn't it's only objective, it tackles other skin concerns too, with three skin-transformative, mix-and-match collections Everyskin, Fillerista and Rejuvenati.


Review: True to it's claims, Dr Naomi's Let's C is a lightweight and fast absorbing serum, to improves skin texture and firmness.