Visitors to Dinosaur Walk will be able to see a wide variety of dinosaur casts up close, including crowd favourites Amargasaurus and Protoceratops, and touch displays of dinosaur teeth, bones and fossilised poo. Dinosaur fans will also be able to learn about how dinosaurs moved, what they ate and how they survived.

“As one of Australias leading natural history museums we have access to some incredible skeletons from sources all around the world. Dinosaur Walk will be the most spectacular exhibition of dinosaurs Melbourne Museum has ever put together”, said Brett Dunlop, Manager, Melbourne Museum.

The exhibition will also feature skeletons of Ice Age megafauna such as Diprotodon (the worlds largest Marsupial) and Megalania (the worlds largest lizard).

“Dinosaur Walk will include specially created animations where visitors can see the animals come to life. All our visitors, regardless of age, are fascinated by these ancient animals. This exhibition will allow visitors to see dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures in a whole new light,” revealed exhibition curator Kate Phillips.

Another highlight of Dinosaur Walk will be a Synapsid reptile, representing a group of animals that pre-dates the dinosaurs.


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