David Icke Wake Up Tour

David Icke Wake Up Tour

David Icke Wake Up Tour

Australia and New Zealand welcomes David Icke, one of the world's most controversial people as he kicks off his -Worldwide Wake Up Tour'. Former BBC journalist, professional soccer player for Coventry City, Green Party spokesperson, internationally renowned Conspiracy Theorist and Author – Icke's tour will visit the USA, Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand travelling through Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland this July and August.

'My vision for the -Worldwide Wake Up Tour' is a paradigm-shifting experience for all that would like to push the boundaries of their consciousness" said David Icke, Author and Conspiracy Theorist.

Despite being approved visa entry to Australia in 2009 and 2011, on this occasion Icke was denied a visa until he agreed to sign an extensive 40-page visa addendum of special conditions. This is testament to Icke's growing influence, as his predictions once dismissed as -absurd conspiracy theories' become mainstream truth. Icke's accuracy combined with a unique ability to see the real meaning behind predict political moves on the world stage has caused many to wake up to the fact that seemingly random events are part of an ongoing global agenda. David has made many predictions of future world events since the early 90's that are now unfolding before our very eyes.

His 'Worldwide Wake Up Tour" is the culmination of a 26-year career exposing hidden political agendas, secret societies, elite pedophile rings and covert manipulation of the masses. David describes a world where fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech, thought and expression are disallowed and punished by being branded as -terrorism', a world where any opposition to the ruling elite is suppressed via force and financial control. According to David Icke, the planned trigger for this agenda of global control will be a Third World War that would forever transform life on the planet, presenting the opportunity to usher in the New World Order to an unsuspecting post war humanity.

David will launch his latest book 'Phantom Self" to coincide with the tour, in which he delivers a stunning critique of the real agenda behind transhumanist and smart technology. Both the book and the tour offer solutions to society's challenges highlighted in his life's work. They focus on David's fundamental belief that a worldwide awakening of humanity is happening where the individual undergoes an integral transformation from what he refers to as the -phantom self' to -universal truth' and -infinite self'.

The threat of world war, an impending financial collapse, the rapid deterioration of individual and community ethics and the dehumanization of entire societies and countries are major topics covered in the tour. It's clear we are living in a period of time where humanity is being asked to choose between apathy or to take responsibility for the world we have helped create.


Tour Dates:

Perth: 9 July, Perth Racecourse
Sydney: 16 July, Sydney Town Hall
Brisbane: 23 July, Logan Metro Arena
Melbourne: 30 July, Melbourne Convention Centre
Auckland: 6 August, Logan Campbell Arena