Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2019

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2019

Following its biggest ever event in 2018, with record attendance from interstate and international visitors, Australia's largest and most prestigious Indigenous art event, the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) returns in August 2019.

For the 13th year in a row, Darwin will be transformed into an internationally recognised epicentre of Aboriginal and Torres Strait (ATSI) art, culture, fashion, dance, music and food, bringing together more than 2000 artists from 70 unique Art Centres, with thousands of traditional and contemporary artworks available to purchase over the Fair's major exhibition days on Friday 9, Saturday 10, and Sunday 11 August.

The participating Art Centres come from every corner of Australia, each representing their own unique and diverse culture, and 100 per cent of the sales generated at DAAF is returned to the Art Centres and their Indigenous communities.

Growing annually, DAAF is the major activity for the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation (DAAFF), generating $2.8 million in art sales in 2018 and a total of $10.5 million over the past 5 years. It has firmly secured a reputation as Australia's most significant and internationally recognised Indigenous art fair.

In 2019, DAAF will again launch with the hugely popular 'From Country to Couture ' fashion show on Wednesday 7 August, celebrating the marriage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary fine art and high-end fashion. The success of the textile movement in remote Indigenous communities has led to exciting collaborations with well-known Australian designers.

In 2019, DAAFF is excited to launch the Gorman Collection featuring Mangkaja Arts. DAAFF is also honoured to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Bima Wear, showcasing 5 decades of fashion along with their new collection!

Executive Director of DAAFF, Claire Summers, said DAAF, showcased a spectacular diversity of artwork and genuine opportunity to meet Indigenous artists from across Australia in one place.

"As the only national event of its kind, each year DAAF bring together artists, performers and arts workers who have travelled to Darwin from some of the most remote regions in Australia," said Summers.

"DAAF is a genuine opportunity for people from all over the world to experience the diversity of cultures, languages, and stories from over 70 communities in one incredible space. It is a meeting place, for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, to celebrate the rich heritage, and vibrant art and culture, of our First Nations Peoples.

"Visitors to DAAF can experience the array of art, music, dance, stories and food from the world's oldest continuing cultures, and have the opportunity to purchase stunning art inspired by Australia most unique areas - from remote coastal regions, to rural and urban communities. DAAF offers a range of styles, mediums and products including paintings on canvas, bark paintings, works on paper including limited edition prints, sculpture, didgeridoos, fibre art and cultural regalia.

"DAAF has cemented itself as a platform to ethically promote the artwork of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Centres and communicate the important economic role they play in generating revenue for remote communities.

"Through this, it has also become a wider platform to discuss modern Indigenous culture, issues and ideas, especially the ethically promotion and sale of Indigenous art.

DAAF is held annually in August, and is proud to align itself with the Garma Festival, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, National Indigenous Music Awards, and the Salon des Refusés. Together these art, culture and music events create a week of cultural excellence, and the most significant celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in the world.

DAAFF is a not for profit organisation with DGR1 status. The Foundation is owned and operated by a membership of ATSI Art Centres and its mission is to encourage the production of Aboriginal arts and assist with the promotion in an ethical business environment.

DAAFF is committed to professional development opportunities for artists and Art Workers, and to continually contribute to the cultural aspirations of the Art Centres.

For further information, visit www.daaf.com.au