Damien Leith The Target Interview

Damien Leith The Target Interview

The Target Is Raising Funds for R U OK? Day

Locked In Productions is proud to announce that their latest full feature movie The Target, will be having a fund raising screening on the 13th of September to raise money for R U Ok? Day. It will be release globally by Bounty Films via Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo on Demand on the same day.

'Claudia (Giovanna Mercuri) never expected to be standing in a chapel reading out a eulogy at her husband's funeral, but there she was standing at the front of a bereaved audience mourning the death of a life gone too soon. Arav's (Laurie Whitehead) life was full of love but was overshadowed by an experience all too many of us go through. Whilst gripped by grief, Claudia was determined this moment and Arav's life wasn't going to be wasted.

As Claudia speaks out about the issue that took her husband's life, and her life away, their friends and family realise their own experiences aren't unique. Bullying plays a part in all of our lives.

As the story unravels, the experiences of not only Arav and Claudia, but also their friends and family are shared delving deeper into the ways in which bullying can affect people in many different ways, and not only for those on the receiving end. Arav's boss, Darren (Damien Leith), attends the funeral after realising that his behaviour may have been the reason for Arav's death.'

The Taylors Hill Community Centre
Community Centre 121 Calder Park Dr, Taylors Hill VIC
Date: 13th of September
Duration: 90 minutes.
Price: Gold coin donation

Interview with Damien Leith

Question: How would you describe The Target?

Damien Leith: The Target is a movie that looks at the many different aspects of bullying and how they can have terrible impacts on people's lives. It's quite a confronting movie and certainly gets the audience thinking.

Question: Why did you decide to get involved in The Target?

Damien Leith: I've always loved acting so when the opportunity arose I jumped at it. The fact that the theme was so strong was the icing on the cake since I myself have experienced bullying as a kid.

Question: What message do you hope audiences take from The Target?

Damien Leith: The underlining message I think throughout the movie is that bullying is not acceptable. It also highlights the need to speak with friends of loved ones when you're going through a tough time so that they can help you through it.

Question: What did you learn about yourself whilst filming The Target?

Damien Leith: I learnt how to get myself into a character that was very different to who I am. Up until now I have always played roles that have similarities to myself but this role was a nice new challenge.

Question: Why is it important for you to raise awareness and funds for R U OK Day?

Damien Leith: There are so many people out there who are struggling internally and quite often they keep it hidden until it's much too late to do anything about it. RUOK helps start conversations and in doing so, gives people an avenue to seek help.

Question: How easy was it for you to relate to your character, Darren?

Damien Leith: Not at all, I'm not like him in anyway. I really had to work on his character and I suppose use personal experiences to make him as real as possible.

Question: What was the most difficult part about filming The Target?

Damien Leith: Getting into character but other than that, it was a joy working on the movie. Giovanna and her team are amazing to work with.

Question: What's next, for you?

Damien Leith: I'm writing a new TV show at the moment so watch this space.

Interview by Brooke Hunter