Sip a Tequila Sunrise, Smother on some Bliss and Enjoy Summer

Sip a Tequila Sunrise, Smother on some Bliss and Enjoy Summer

While sipping your Tequila Sunrise on the beach deck this summer, soak up some daily Bliss and Daily Bath&Body's affordable yet indulgent range of 99% natural skin and hair care products in a summer inspired scent. All Bliss products have a heady scent that combines orange oil and patchouli oil to envelop your skin, body and hair in summertime decadence. Apply some Daily Bath&Body Bliss products lavishly to spoil yourself daily and save your skin and hair this summer.

Orange oil creates a sense of happiness, perfect for creating a relaxed mood during the summer holidays while sipping your summer cocktail and patchouli oil is a mood lifter and effective against anxiety, great for calming stress in the busy lead up to Christmas and New Year. The Daily Bath&Body Bliss range comprises of six products that will help to soothe, nourish and restore some extra Bliss this summer.

The range is 99% natural and all products are non-toxic, fee of artificial and synthetic ingredients and are gentle on skin and hair. As a commitment to making the products safe fro all, Daily Bath&Body is a signatory on the Compact for sale cosmetics. All packing, including the lid, is also recyclable.

Daily Bath&Body Bliss Walnut Body Scrub
For extra deep exfoliation or to remove stubborn fake tan marks apply to dry skin prior to bathing or showering. Perfect for the areas of the body that are prone to roughness such as elbows and feet.
100mL RRP:$12.95
300mL RRP:$29.95
500mL RRP:$39.95

Daily Bath&Body Bliss Shower Gel
Use while bathing or showering, for a moisture-rich, luxurious gel wash. Massage gently onto wet skin using a sponge or hands for shower gel that won't dry out your skin. Rinse off and enjoy the soothing scent and the feeling of hydrated skin.
100mL RRP:$10.95
300mL RRP:$19.95
500mL RRP:$29.95

Daily Bath&Body Bliss Shampoo
Apply to wet hair for a shampoo that is skin and scalp friendly. Massage gently to remove salt, sand and sea spray and rinse thoroughly.
100mL RRP:$9.95
300mL RRP:$19.95
500mL RRP:$29.95

Daily Bath&Body Bliss Conditioner
Use after shampooing and massage into wet hair. Focus on the dry ends and damaged hair after spending the day on the beach to help restore to health hair.
100mL RRP:$9.95
300mL RRP:$19.95
500mL RRP:$29.95

Daily Bath&Body Sugar Body Scrub
Massage into damp or wet skin before bathing and showering to remove the dry skin and help prevent ingrown hair as a result of your summer waxing. The abrasive sugar will scrub away the dead skin cells to reveal softer, younger skin.
100mL RRP:$12.95
300mL RRP:$24.95
500mL RRP:$34.95

Daily Bath&Body Bliss Body Balm
Apply directly onto dry skin after showering to moisture and hydrate. Use from top to toes for an all over, indulgent treat to seal in skin moisture or use on drier areas of the body such as feet, hands and elbows for a nourishing and conditioning moisture burst.
100ml RRP$10.95
300ml RRP$19.95
500ml RRP$29.95

Daily Bath&Body products are available in selected Priceline stores Australia wide and at Daily Pilates Studios in Melbourne.


Tequila Sunrise

"This pretty drink with layers or orange juice and grenadine is delicious on a hot summer's day. The fact that the radio of juice to tequila is high makes it a good choice for a brunch cocktail with girlfriends or a Sunday afternoon aperitif."


180 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
22.5 ml grenadine syrup
45ml tequila
1 slice orange, for garnish
1 maraschino cherry for garnish
Ice cubes

1. Stir or shake together tequila and orange juice
2. Fill a chilled 12 ounce glass with ice cubes and pour in orange juice mixture
3. Slowly pour in the grenadine and wait for it to settle to the bottom of the glass (be patient)
4. Garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry
5. Enjoy with good company, good weather and a touch of Bliss