Complacent Trailer

Complacent Trailer

From writer/director Steven R.Monroe, and featuring a superb ensemble cast headed by Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever) and Kerri Green (The Goonies), Complacent available On Demand.

Two sisters, Myah and Beth, struggle with their differences in life and in the older sister's mentally abusive marriage, until the lives of Beth and their friends are shaken to the core by a tragedy that they are all forced to face.

Joey Kern (Super Troopers), Keir O'Donnell ("Project Blue Book"), Elisa Donovan (Clueless), Michael Worth (Sasquatch Mountain), Christopher Showerman ("Supergirl"), and Adrienne Barbeau ("Escape from New York") also star in the powerful film.

Dean Alioto, Corey Allen Jackson, Simon Johnson, and Steven R.Monroe produce, with Joe D.Jackson and David L.Vasile executive producing, Wylie Statesman co-producing, and Clint Morris associate producing, music by Corey Allen Jackson.

Complacent will be available On Demand from Amazon, Apple, Google, Mtonomy, VUDU and other On Demand platforms.