Zytho Brewing White Stout Luxury packs

Zytho Brewing White Stout Luxury packs

Enter for your chance to Win one of 5 x White Stout Luxury packs valued at $35.00 each featuring

1 x can of Zytho White Stout

1 x can of Velvet Luxe Stout (dark)

1 x scented vanilla candle

1 x bag of delicious chocolate covered coffee beans



"Aussie's shout out for white Stout – the beer that's on everyone's lips this winter!"


Zytho Brewing has re-introduced its sought-after limited edition Zytho White Stout into Dan Murphy's and BWS owing to popular demand.


"We asked our customers what flavours they wanted to see in the next Zytho Beer release and more than 54 per cent asked if we could bring back Zytho White Stout – so we did!" said Billy Ryan, category manager, Craft Beer, Dan Murphy's and BWS.


He said that while the results of the customer survey were interesting, they weren't surprising.  


"Stout is having a re-birth.  It is one of the fastest growing beer subcategories, growing at a rate of over 8 per cent year-on-year in sales. Zytho Stout is leading the category, growing at an annual rate of more than 50 per cent. While Stout is predominantly drunk by Boomers and Gen X, Gen Z's are switching onto Stout too – at a growth rate of almost 10 per cent - it's definitely no longer 'the drink your nana drinks', as is often perceived!"  


Beer expert, Kirrily Waldhorn, (founder of Beer Diva and commonly known as 'Australia's First Lady of Beer'), said that Stout is the perfect winter drink.


"Stout has a characteristically complex flavour profile with rich chocolate, coffee and roasted nut notes, creating the perfect indulgent drink to snuggle up by the fire with on a cold winters' night."


Zytho White Stout, RRP: $80 x 24-case; $20 x 4-pack; $6 ea. 


Exciting, innovative and totally unique, Zytho White Stout offers a fresh, new take on classic dark Stout.  It's light in colour but comes with all of the roasty toasty complexity that you would expect from a dark Stout.  The background smokiness is interlaced with rich coffee and a hint of vanilla, with an intense rush of dark chocolate on sip, creating a delicious, easy-drinking drop.  


Kirrily Waldhorn said; "The Zythophiles1 at Zytho Brewing have done a fantastic job with this oxymoronic, 'It don't matter if you're black or white' White Stout that will challenge any perceptions or predispositions that one may have with the traditional Stout style.   Pouring a light amber, the nose offers up a soft roast with hints of cocoa powder, which translate beautifully onto the palate, bringing into the fore, roasty characters that nicely interplay with delicate caramel notes from the lighter malt base and a touch of vanilla. It's a beer that reassuringly lets you know, 'It will be all white on the night.'  

Best enjoyed from an elegant, large red wine glass, pair with a nutty Gouda or Manchego cheese, or dive deep into the decadence with white chocolate covered strawberries, then sit back, relax and enjoy!"


Zytho Velvet Luxe Stout. RRP: $74 x 24-case; $19 x 4-pack; $6.50 ea.


As the saying goes, "There can be no light, without dark," which is why Zytho Velvet Luxe Stout makes the perfect partner to Zytho White Stout.  Plush, lush and smoother than melted chocolate in a lycra jumpsuit, it features aromas of coffee, cream, raisin and dark chocolate with a full and rich palate, set to satisfy.


"For those who have a preference for the dark side, Zytho White Stout's big sister, Velvet Luxe Stout, does exactly what it says on the can. Delightfully delivering on the expectations of a Stout - aromas of rich coffee and chocolate entice the nostrils. On the palate, these characters play beautifully together, bringing along for the ride, a touch of fruit and a silky creaminess. Zytho Velvet Luxe Stout offers up a gift of a smooth, sultry, seductive Stout, leaving you realising that life (& beer) are not always as simple as black and white, but it's certainly fun exploring both options!" said Kirrily.


For further information, visit: www.danmurphys.com.au; www.bws.com.au. Instagram/Facebook: zythobrewing.  Hashtags/handles: #zythobrewing, @zythobrewing.

Visit Kirrily Waldhorn at www.beerstyle.com.au and via Beer Diva.



Urban Dictionary definition of a Zythophile: "Someone who loves beer and all things beer-related. Similar to people who are passionate about wine, a Zythophile will be obessed with talking about beer, tasting beer, cooking with beer, the history of beer, brewing techniques, pairing beer with food, attending beer festivals, etc."

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