Wiltshire BBQ Kits

Wiltshire BBQ Kits

Win one of 2 x Wiltshire Ultimate BBQ Kit valued at $75.00 each including:

- Bar-B Mate

- Bar-B Tongs

- Wiltshire Bar B Digital Thermometer

- Bar-B Cleaning Stone with Handle

- Wiltshire Bar-B-Clean BBQ Wipes

- Staysharp Utility Knife

Wiltshire has all the accessories for the Backyard BBQ-er to grill to perfection with their range or tools to flip, slice and pierce as well as grease removing cleaning solutions for safe and easy clean up.
Every talented BBQ chef knows a great BBQ require's the right tools. Wiltshire's iconic Staysharp knives stay sharp, thanks to its clever self-sharpening technology, removing the frustration of blunt knives that make food prep harder than it needs to be.
The Wiltshire BBQ kit includes:

Bar-B Mate (AUD $10)
The burger-flipping, sausage-piercing, chop-cutting, self-standing, non-rusting spatula. This multi-purpose BBQ tool has a cutting edge and piecing prongs to get those sausages grilled to perfection.

Bar-B Tongs (AUD $10)
Has extra long heat resistant handles for maximum comfort and safety when handling food over the BBQ. Can be stored inside or outside as the stainless steel design is rust resistant.

Bar B Digital Thermometer (AUD $19)
Say goodbye to under or over cooked meat. The Bar-B digital thermometer instantly reads temperatures when turned, with a foldable compact design.

Bar-B Cleaning Stone with Handle (AUD $12)
Tough burnt- on food and fat is no match for the Wiltshire Bar-B cleaning stone. The stone is made of odorless, non-toxic, chemical- free pumice for a healthier cooking surface with a long handle to prevent burns.

Bar-B-Clean BBQ Wipes (AUD $6)
Super quick and convenient the Bar-B Clean wipes bring back the sparkle without serious elbow grease, with small, raised nodules to cut through grease without scratching.
Staysharp Utility Knife  (AUD $18)
The knife that self-sharpens with every use; the iconic Wiltshire Staysharp Knives have been in Australian homes since 1969. Known and trusted for their self-sharpening system so that you can be sure of a sharp knife every time you go to use it.
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