Westcott Antimicrobial Scissors Packs

Westcott Antimicrobial Scissors Packs

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Antimicrobial Stationery Launches in Australia


With more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying scissors world-wide, leading US company, Westcott, has established a range of antimicrobial products into Australia which are now available in Big W and Officeworks online.


Scientific research shows that many household items are bacterial breeding grounds and so if you're packing the kids' pencil case for back to school or planning to share scissors around the home or office, it pays to have peace of mind they are clean and safe to use.


"Hygiene is an important part of our daily lives as we transition back to school and work," said Jessica Pattison, marketing project manager, Westcott Australia.


Westcott Antimicrobial Scissors are coated with a special antimicrobial agent that helps inhibit the growth of bacterial stains and odours, helping to defend against microbes and microorganisms such as common bacteria, yeast, mould and fungi. 


Scissors can harbour many microbes which can be easily passed from one person to another.  An antimicrobial coating gives an additional layer of protection. It also helps keep your scissors cleaner for longer and extends their life by preventing deterioration caused by mould and mildew and helps prevent the growth of bacterial odours


Made from the highest quality, stainless steel, Westcott Antimicrobial Scissors are designed to last.  The blades are expertly moulded into the handle for durability and reliability.   They have a smooth, steady, cutting motion and a blunt tip for added safety.   All Westcott Scissors are designed for ease-of-use by both left and right-handers


From crafting, to school-work, office and home, there's a Westcott Antimicrobial Scissor to suit every job. 


Antimicrobial Scissors for Preschool Ages 3+, RRP: $4.30


The perfect 'training' scissor for little hands to learn how to cut and hold.  They are plastic-coated from handle to blade and have blunt tips for extra safety.  They measure just 5" in length, making it easy for little hands to control.  The handle has a spring lever which 'springs' into action when the scissors are opened, helping children learn an effective cutting movement and increase their confidence and skill.

Antimicrobial Scissors for Kids – Ages 4+, RRP: $2.45


Little ones aged 4+ will love to get creative with these easy-to-handle 5" scissors.  They feature a blunt safety tip and come in a great range of eye-popping colours – green, yellow, blue and red. They're great for cutting out, crafting, making and creating. 


Antimicrobial Multipurpose Scissors – 7" RRP: $3.25

Westcott's 7" Multipurpose Scissors are the perfect pair of everyday scissors to have around the home or office.  They feature sturdy stainless-steel blades and make light work of cutting paper, thin card, packaging and more.  Also available in 6" size for smaller hand sizes.


Westcott Antimicrobial Compass, RRP: $4.70 Complete your child's Antimicrobial school stationery set with the Westcott Antimicrobial Compass, great for maths, science and technical drawing.  This quality compass comes in a lovely blue colour, is easy for children to hold and use and will fit neatly into any regular sized pencil case. 


Westcott Antimicrobial iPoint Dot Battery Sharpener, RRP: $23.10

This handy battery-operated sharpener is a quick and reliable way to sharpen pencils.


Caring for your Scissors


If like so many people, you can't find a pair of scissors when you need them – it pays to keep them stored in a regular, easy-to-remember place and look after them.  Here's how:


  1. Correct use – only use scissors to cut the materials for which they were designed.  Using scissors for materials they weren't intended for will dull the blades.
  2. Storage – store scissors in a closed position.  Storing them open is the most common cause of dull blades.
  3. Environment – scissors should be kept dry and dust-free and the blades covered where possible to protect the points.


Westcott's Antimicrobial range is available in Big W and selected items via Officeworks online. For further information, visit www.bigw.com.au or www.officeworks.com.au.

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