Seaquatix Summer Giveaway

Seaquatix Summer Giveaway

Seaquatix are giving away 3 x Seaquatix waterproof cases valued at over $150 for you and your besties this summer!


Your must-have summer beach bestie. 

After months of lockdowns, and summer coming in fast, you can only imagine how packed Australian beaches are going to be this year. With that in mind, keep your phone and valuables protected with Seaquatix waterproof cases while you make the most of your time in the sun and sea. Because... if you didn't post a pic at the beach post lockdown, did it really happen?


Seaquatix is a waterproof case for your mobile phone and your valuables. It is 100 per cent waterproof (up to maximum depth of 20 metres for up to two hours) and resistant to sand, dust and snow. 


Not only does it allow you to put your phone and valuables into the case and still use your phone as normal, but it also protects your phone from the spread of germs.. So, it's COVID-safe. Woo!


We love Seaquatix, it will be your best purchase this summer!


Female and Seaquatix summer giveaway valued at over $150


About Seaquatix

Seaquatix allows you to take a selfie or record a video, worry-free, with the convenience of instantly sharing the content straight onto your social media channels. Importantly, you can now capture new memories / create new experiences with no fuss!

Seaquatix comes in a range of 8 fun, vibrant colours, and in various mobile phone sizes (for Apple and Android phones) including a handy landyard.

Seaquatix is great for beach, pool, hiking, biking and all watersports. Keeping your phone free from dust, sand, and water, there is also room for your lip balm, keys and credit card so you can swim knowing your valuables are safe.

The handy landyard makes it flexible on how you want to carry, either attach to a bag, bathers or wear like a handbag or around your neck.