Purina Dentalife Dog Packs

Purina Dentalife Dog Packs

Thanks to Purina here is your chance to Win one of 3 x a month supply of Dentalife for your dog including 10 packets valued at $119 each.


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Aussies absolutely adore their pets, and with this year being like no other, we've relied on our furry companions more than ever to keep us smiling - but what about their smile?


New research from Purina®Dentalife® has revealed that dental health is our key 'cavity' when it comes to caring for our pets, with 86% of Aussie pet owners admitting they don't clean their pet's teeth daily. In fact, one in four Aussie pet owners don't clean their pets' teeth at all, with a lack of knowledge being the main barrier*.


According to veterinarian and pet dental registrar, Dr Kirsten Hailstone, without a daily dental routine, 80% of dogs may have dental problems over the age of three** which can cause bad breath, discoloured teeth, inflamed, swollen gums that may bleed when chewing and severe discomfort.


But, thanks to Purina® Dentalife®, a healthy pet smile is not that far-fetched and cleaning your pets' teeth daily doesn't have to be a daily struggle to achieve a pooch-perfect smile. Scientifically tested to reduce tartar build-up, Purina® Dentalife® is an easy, everyday treat, designed to clean your pets' teeth while they chew. It has a unique shape with eight distinct ridges, a chewy porous texture, and is particularly effective at reducing tartar on those hard-to-reach back teeth.


Purina® Dentalife® is available for at all major supermarkets nationally and select IGAs & Pet Specialty stores from RRP $11.90.


*Source: Antenna Research; 7thJuly 2020 n=1000 nationally representative on age, gender, and location
**Source: https://www.vetvoice.com.au/media-releases/dental-disease-in-80-of-dogs-and-cats- over-age-3/utm_source=miragenews&utm_medium=miragenews&utm_campaign=news




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