Pintor Halloween Packs

Pintor Halloween Packs

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4 Easy Crafting Tips for a Happy Halloween


If like many parents you're already having nightmares about the additional parenting load that comes with Halloween, then you're not alone.


"Halloween has become bigger than Ben Hur in recent times which puts more on parents' 'to do' lists.  Many mums and dads in particular dread having to come up with craft ideas for masks and decorations and then clean up the associated mess," says crafting expert, Shannon Wong.


Here, Shannon shares her tips for taking the horror out of Halloween so the whole family can have fun:


  1. Comfort Zone - my number one tip for parents who don't feel so confident about getting crafty with their children is to always work within your comfort zone. Keep it simple to avoid stress and minimise mess.


  1. Tool kit - you don't need hundreds of felt tips and heaps of glue, glitter and paper – choose a few key materials that are easy to use and low on mess.  The basics would be: coloured card, coloured pens or paint markers, string and a stapler.  I have just discovered Pintor Paint Markers and I love them for their fantastic colours and ease-of-use - you can use them on anything.  We used them on paper, terracotta and rocks.  They can make any artwork look fantastic and kids love them.  Place them in a container or tray to stop them rolling off the table and for easy grabability!


  1. Don't be scary - Halloween can be a tricky celebration as sometimes the imagery can be scary, especially for young children.  Opt for bright colours and simple designs that spark kids' imaginations without being frightening. 


  1. Get help – when you're busy juggling work and family, the last thing you need is to conjure up craft projects, especially if it's not your thing.  There are plenty of resources out there – just hop online.  I have developed two easy craft activities with Pintor Paint Markers that I am sharing on my Instagram page ohcreativeday: The Mix and Match Monster Mask contains different features that children can colour and glue onto their mask base to create their own design; and the Pintor Pumpkin Patch which comes in a variety of sizes.  You can transform it into a colourful mask or cut out the smaller pieces to decorate trick or treat bags.


Shannon Wong is a teacher, mum of three and avid crafter.  An enthusiastic fan of pom poms, PVA and paint, she runs popular blog and online parenting resource dedicated to all things creative, and has over 30,000 followers on Instagram.  To download Shannon's Halloween templates, visit: