Win a Peppa Pig Pack

Win a Peppa Pig Pack

Thanks to Peppa Pig When I Grow Up here is your chance to win one of 2 x Peppa Pig Packs valued at over $84, each including;
- Ty Peppa Pig Ballerina Beanie, RRP $12.95
- Ty Peppa Pig Princess Beanie, RRP $12.95
- Peppa Pig Sing & Learn Microphone, RRP $25.00
- Pick Up & Play Playground playset, RRP $24.00
- Peppa's Vegetable Garden board book, RRP $9.99

In early childhood education, play has characteristically been regarded as the main way that young children learn. There are many forms of play including, block play, symbolic play, water play, and so on, each with their specific definitions and association with various different types of materials and activities. There are also other kinds, like 'pretend' play, which encapsulates dressing up, taking on a different persona, and creating dramatic scenarios in which the young child enacts actions that s/he has observed in some aspect of their lives. This might also be called dramatic play, role play, or socio-dramatic play, if other children are included in the scenarios.

The new focus for Peppa Pig 'When I Grow Up' programs has the potential to be a rich source of learning for young children. They already resonate with the character, her family and friends and will relate to the scenarios about roles and responsibilities that different citizens in our communities have. Children love watching Peppa and her friends in their various adventures and if they are able to see Peppa and her friends envisioning their future lives as farmers, fire personnel, doctors and various other professions they will be able to explore and experiment with these roles in embodied contexts that characterise pretend play. Additionally, with other toys and materials they will be able to extend this play into different modalities to creatively deepen their learning understandings about the world.

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