myDNA Packs

myDNA Packs

Enter for your chance to win one of two myDNA Personalised Nutrition & Fitness with bonus Vitamins kits valued at $168 each.


Forget fads. Don't waste time on a one-size-fits-all approach. The way you exercise and eat can be optimised to suit your unique body. Get results with a more personalised approach.


  • Science-based DNA Nutrition plan catered to your unique body, with every calorie and macronutrient calculated to achieve your goal
  • Customised DNA Fitness plan designed to get the results you want, where you want, with home and gym workout options
  • Simple at-home-cheek-swab revealing genetic insights to power your plans – fat burning, fat storage, power, endurance, stamina, injury risk and more
  • Ongoing self-discovery and support with regular new DNA Insights
  • Goal tracking, shopping list and inspirational articles
  • Do it all on the go with the myDNA Life app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


Vitamins and minerals are naturally found in foods and are essential for vital activities in your body. Many people take a supplement without knowing if it's right for them. A simple at-home-cheek-swab reveals how to personalise your vitamins with insights and recommendations.


  • Find out which vitamins and minerals should be your core focus
  • Learn how your lifestyle might impact your micronutrient needs
  • Mitigate potential risks related to low vitamin or mineral levels
  • Take action to maintain optimal levels, including the foods you can introduce to your diet


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