Modibodi Underwear for Periods and Leakage

Modibodi Underwear for Periods and Leakage

Win one of 2 x Modibodi underwear packs valued Over $100 each.



WIN over $100 worth of Modibodi ! From periods to sweat, bladder leakage and incontinence, Modibodi empowers everyone to have the confidence to get on with life while also reducing their impact on the environment.


Coronavirus stockpiling has resulted in a shortage of many supermarket essentials in stores across Australia.  


This kind of panic-buying particularly is affecting everyone; from toilet paper to pasta and now personal hygiene products. 


With essential items including period and incontinence products becoming hard to find in some areas, people around the world have shared stories of supermarkets running out of these items on their shelves, pointing out that not everyone can afford to buy these disposable hygiene products when they need them – let alone stockpile them.


For those who might be considering the swap to sustainable, leak proof apparel, now is the time to make the change. 


It's fair to say that most women would be shocked to know that in their lifetime they will use up to 140 kilograms worth of feminine hygiene products. Leakproof apparel is helping to reduce the amount of single-use hygiene products ending up in landfill.


Modibodi  are still delivering their patented leak proof undies across Australia, because being stuck in self isolation doesn't mean your period, sweat or other leaks stop! The team are working hard to get your orders to you asap so you can be comfy and cool, even if you're quarantined at home. They're washable and reusable, so you'll never worry about running out of disposable hygiene options.


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