Win a Mingle $150 Pack

Win a Mingle $150 Pack

Thanks to Mingle here is your chance to Win a All-Start pack, including Tote bag, pack of talking cards and a sachet pack valued at $150.


Whilst food delivery services like Deliveroo, Menulog and UberEats are trying to ensure Australian's "never have to cook again", one Aussie female Entrepreneur is single-handedly trying to make sure we reinstate the magic of home cooking back into our families' lives.

Jordyn Evans, the Melbourne-based founder of Mingle Seasoning has invested her life's savings to build a business on Australians shaking up and waking up both with ingredient transparency in the spice aisle and Australians opting to get back in the kitchen to cook with confidence.

3 years ago Jordyn had a vision to shake things up in the spice aisle and challenge mass-market brands with a range of spice blends that were free from preservatives, added sugars and high amounts of salt. Tired of multinational companies cutting corners and compromising on quality, Jordyn wanted to give customers a flavour offering they could trust and feel confident using and that is how the brand Mingle was born.

With an immense amount of dedication and hard work, Jordyn has built a business that is now stocked in over 1000 stockists around Australia. Despite building great momentum, the entrepreneurial journey hasn't always been tasty and this year Jordyn learned one of the most valuable life lessons to date. Working endlessly overtime on Mingle had caused Jordyn to be missing in action at family dinners and functions leaving her disconnected, burnout and frustrated.

It wasn't until one day when her employee, Emma, brought in a cookbook called "Nonna to Nana" that prompted Jordyn to take stock, pick up the phone and reconnect with her Nanna that she hadn't seen for 6 months due to her work commitments. She invited her Nan over for dinner to gather around the dinner table and opted to put her phone down and enjoy the beauty of a home-cooked meal. The dinner table was a place to bring people and food together, a valuable ritual and one that had been disregarded with the busy "hustling" of modern day life. That night though, something shifted for Jordyn forever and she reconnected to seeing cooking as more than a chore, it was an opportunity to create and connect with the people she loved.

This just happened to be the last meal Jordyn spent with her Grandma as she suddenly passed away 2 weeks after this dinner. This experience has ignited a new perspective for Jordyn and she set out to make a change from one family to another. Jordyn and Mingle are out to reframe the way people look at cooking. She no longer wants Australians to see cooking as a chore, but see the forgotten value in it; it's an opportunity to create together, nourish one another and connect with our friends and family.

Eating together over a home- cooked meal is one of the most important rituals for parents to be connected with their kids. (2) And the thing is, each day Australians are spending on average 3.15 hours on the Phone, 2.27 hours watching TV,  3.50 hours on a laptop per day (1).  If we took 10 minutes away from each of these activities (this is so doable for us all!), we would have the time to cook.  It is also shocking to discover that as millennials (and the other generations are not too far behind), we actually spend $100 of our weekly food allowance on takeaway. (4)   Mingle is committed to households "shaking up and waking up" to what is disconnecting Australians and stopping us from seeing the invaluable benefits that cooking at home brings.