Triple Juniper G&T Tasting Flight Packs

Triple Juniper G&T Tasting Flight Packs

Enter for your chance to Win one of 2 x Never Never Triple Juniper G&T Tasting Flight Packs valued at $75.00 each.


Celebrating three years of being flavour freaks.


Never Never Distilling Co. has turned three and to celebrate they have launched the Gin for Your Tonic campaign.


It's a campaign that aims to highlight Never Never's focus on flavour and champion their award-winning Triple Juniper Gin in the process. 


Triple Juniper Gin is their signature gin that utilises a triple infusion method, effectively concentrating flavour and intensity. It's for this reason that it bursts with flavour from the bottle and stands up effortlessly in mixed drinks and cocktails.


"Triple Juniper Gin gin builds the best G&Ts and classic cocktails" says Never Never Brand Director, Sean Baxter. "It does this because using more flavour makes better gin, and better gin makes better drinks," he continues.  


"We add more flavour by firstly soaking the juniper in spirit for approximately 24 hours. This steep, along with fresh juniper is then added to the still prior to pot distillation," Baxter says.


"Lastly, even more juniper is added to the vapour basket to capture the fresh and floral juniper character," he continues.


This Triple Juniper Process is at the heart of every gin made at Never Never Distilling Co.


"For the next three months we are celebrating the fact that we make some of the most highly-awarded, juniper-forward gins on the market," says Baxter. "We're starting this campaign so people can try our gin with their favourite tonic and see how well it works, regardless on their preference of tonic brand or garnish."


"We're confident that they won't be disappointed," Baxter says.


According to Never Never Distilling Co. the perfect G&T is built through the classic combination of heavy juniper character with quality tonic water.


"There's actually a reason that juniper-forward gin makes incredible gin and tonics," Baxter says. "Quinine, the most important ingredient in tonic water binds with the flavours of juniper. This process actually creates deeper and more connected flavours, more than any other mixer option," he continues.


The Triple Juniper Gin is one of Never Never's most highly awarded gins, picking up numerous global gold medals in some of the world's most prestigious competitions.


The most recent accolade was a gold medal at The International Wine and Spirits Competition, scoring 95 out of a possible 100 points. This joins the growing list of awards including a Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Champion Gin and Champion Spirit at the Royal Australian Spirit Awards.


To highlight the incredible gin and tonic combination, Never Never have launched a G&T tasting flight for purchase through their online store. It contains a bottle of Triple Juniper Gin, four different flavoured Fever Tree tonic waters and a selection of dehydrated garnishes, specifically paired for each serve.


"At our distillery, guests can sample our range in a gin and tonic flight," says Baxter. "We wanted to give people a chance to sample one gin, but with four different combinations to showcase how flexible our Triple Juniper Gin can be," Baxter says.


"During an extremely difficult period for everyone, it's a kit for all the juniper nerds out there," Baxter says. "If you can't visit our distillery we thought it would be appropriate to bring a little bit of the distillery to you," says Baxter.


The campaign will run from August to November with a range of exciting activations planned across the country.


"We can't wait to see more and more gin enthusiasts experimenting with our gin in their favourite tonic and garnish combination," says Baxter. "We've done a fair bit of testing ourselves," he continues, "usually every Friday after 5pm.




Launched in August 2017, Never Never Distilling Co. is built on bold decisions and a fearless spirit. It was founded by three friends with the passion and drive to produce Australia's greatest gins. We thirst for more, not just in the spirits we make but lives we lead.


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