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Delicious Tickets

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Cast: Grégory Gadebois, Isabelle Carré, Benjamin Lavernhe, Guillaume de Tonquédec
Director: Éric Besnard
Duration: 113mins
Country of Origin: France

In the days leading up to the French revolution, Manceron, a talented but proud chef, is fired from the kitchen of the powerful Duke du Chamfort when he presents an innovative but unapproved dish to the duke's guests. Expelled and dejected, he encounters a mysterious woman who wishes to become his apprentice. While teaching her, he begins to regain his self-confidence and find the resolve to undertake his own revolution. Together, they will create a place of pleasure and sharing open to all: the first restaurant. An idea that will earn them customers... and enemies. A mouth-watering film that joins the ranks of Chocolat, Big Night, and Babette's Feast in its joyous depiction of the preparation and love of fine cuisine, DELICIOUS offers a cinematic escape perfect for family and friends, Francophiles and food-lovers this festive season!


Delicious In Cinemas 26th December


* In-Season passes valid from January 4th.