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Croc Country


From the bestselling author of The Roadhouse comes Croc Country, a suspenseful outback mystery about the wild and dangerous things
that can happen in the most remote and untamed corners of our country.

Young widow Tilly is a housekeeper and cook for the rangers at a wildlife sanctuary. But when the police come asking after her husband,
she begins to question what really happened to her family.

Set against the lush backdrop of Gulf Country with its vibrant yet deadly wildlife, Kerry taps into her years of experience to discuss:

• Strong women in the rural workforce – from rangers to graziers to cooks, Kerry champions women in all roles of rural living.

• The importance of wildlife conservation - the lasting effects of the bushfires and our current climate have scarred the land and its fauna.

• Simple and sustainable living - Kerry has lived off the land her whole life. With her knowledge as a gardener, cook and shepherd, Croc Country illustrates the ways we can look to a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle.

• Isolation – A condition new to us, but familar to Kerry as she would be isolated for 3 months every monsoon season in Gulf Country.
She can share the ways she learned to adapt to this. From Australia's beloved voice of the bush, Croc Country is a gripping mystery about family secrets, finding love, and when the people you know are deadlier than the wildlife.

'Kerry McGinnis is one of the leading authors of Australian rural fiction.' - Canberra Weekly

Kerry McGinnis was born in Adelaide and at the age of twelve took up a life of droving with her father and four siblings. The family travelled extensively across the Northern Territory and Queensland before settling on a station in the Gulf Country. Kerry has worked as a shepherd, droving hand, gardener and stock-camp and station cook on the family property Bowthorn, north-west of Mount Isa. She is the author of two volumes of memoir, Pieces of Blue and Heart Country, and the bestselling novels The Waddi Tree, Wildhorse Creek, Mallee Sky, Tracking North, Out of Alice, Secrets of the Springs, The Heartwood Hotel and The Roadhouse. Kerry now lives in Bundaberg.

Croc Country
Kerry McGinnis
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