Bondi Local Solid Colognes

Bondi Local Solid Colognes

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Embodying Bondi


When the world thinks of Australian 'cool' they think of sun, sea, sand and incredibly good-looking surfers and volleyball players. They think of Bondi Beach. Now the globally renowned destination is being brought to life with a new collection of solid colognes dubbed Bondi local.


Handmade in Bondi by local resident, Dan Morgan, the range of five scents takes its inspiration from local landmarks including the ultra-instagrammable Icebergs swimming pool, Bondi's best surf spot the Third Ramp and even Ben Buckler with its aboriginal engravings.


The highly-concentrated wax-based colognes are designed to be sleek with a long-lasting fragrance in each bar and are a convenient alternative to liquid colognes. Presented in a refined, compact metal tin, they're easy to carry in a pocket, gym bag or kept in the car for whenever you need to refresh and impress at a moment's notice.


"Bondi brings together so many types of people from Australia and around the world because it offers something for everyone. Surfing, skating, high-end cocktail bars, street art, it's all here. That's what the Bondi Local range is about, it's my way of sharing our paradise."


"After not being able to go and enjoy my favourite places around Bondi during COVID-19, I decided to make something that evoked all the same feelings as being there. The scents capture the essence of each of these places and for people to enjoy wherever they go," says Dan.


The Bondi Local range offers five scents including;


The Bergs is best known for its photogenic pool, balcony, and people, Bondi Icebergs looks across the entire beach from its viewpoint at the south end of the strip and is the home of a dedicated group of swimmers by day and cultures nightlife in the evenings.


Capturing the refreshing pool, mixed with the heady nightlife, this fragrance exudes cool peppermint infused with hints of citrus and undertones of sandalwood and is the strongest scent in the range


Ben Buckler is the northern most point of Bondi, where all that stands in front of you is the open expanse of the ocean. With a big cyclone swell there's surf to be had, it's Bondi in its most raw and powerful state.

Mimicking the turbulent complexity of the site, this scent is a mix of wild and sweet fruits, along with notes of bush smoke, and a little leather to really spice things.


Third Ramp has the best surf at Bondi with a good bank and two strong rips running either side it's the ideal place to get a wave. There are surfers from the crack of dawn until the sun sets over the city.


Here fresh greenery of basil and sage are cut through by bright lemon in an ode to the rips of the water, while rich tones of pine, sandalwood and amber create a lasting undercurrent.


The Sea Wall started life as a canvas for illegal graffiti and spray art, but somewhere along the road, local council legalised painting the wall. The Sea Wall is home to Bondi's famous murals that change with the seasons.


Reflecting the ephemeral nature of the ever-changing street art that is here today and a memory tomorrow, this scent is light, fresh and floral and fruity with an undertone of vanilla and malt offering a hint of subtle scent.


The Grassy Knoll at Bondi's north end is where everyone who's anyone spends their weekends. The sun lights up this lively little hill all afternoon perfect for relaxing and spending time with mates over a picnic and views of the lapping sea.

This is the lightest fragrance in the range and features hints of luscious citrus, sweet fruits and lime infused with eucalyptus and spice that embody the fun of relaxing in the sun with friends.


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