Win $150 BetterYou health pack

Win $150 BetterYou health pack

Thanks to BetterYou™, here is your chance to win a Bumper BetterYou health pack valued at over $150.00 including;


BetterYou™ Bumper Health Pack

1 x Boost B12 Daily Oral Spray

1 x Vitamin DLUX 1000 Daily Oral Spray

1 X Curcumin Daily Oral Spray

1 x Magnesium Oil 100ml

1 x Magnesium Flakes 250g

1 x Magnesium Sleep Lotion

Value: $168.70 RRP




BetterYouTM is a UK-based, pioneering, natural health company that has recently launched in Australia.


Offering a range of cutting-edge topical magnesium products and oral vitamin sprays, the BetterYouTM philosophy is to put food first then use premium supplements to 'plug the gaps' that are inevitably left. 


To ensure that Australians, of all ages, get access to effective vitamins and supplements BetterYouTM has developed daily oral vitamin sprays.


Oral sprays offer up to 2.5 times more effective absorption of vitamins than regular capsules, tablets or powders. By spraying directly on the inside of the cheek, essential nutrients are absorbed into the rich vein system below allowing for direct entry into the bloodstream.

This bypasses the digestive system where many of these essential nutrients can be lost.


BetterYouTM oral sprays are perfect for fussy children who don't like to swallow tablets or capsules as well as those with sensitive stomachs.


Magnesium products are gaining popularity and for good reason. The need for magnesium has never been so great thanks to our modern diet and pressured lifestyles.


Magnesium is beneficial for general wellbeing and over 300 chemical reactions in the body, including calcium absorption and normalised muscle function, improving bone and skin health, aiding muscle recovery and promoting relaxation and restful sleep.


BetterYouTM magnesium products, for children and adults, are applied directly to the skin for better and faster absorption into the body. The sensitive delivery method and purity of all BetterYouTM magnesium products means that they can be used by during pregnancy. for children and for those following diabetic, coeliac and vegetarian diets.


Find the BetterYouTM range of oral vitamin sprays and magnesium products at Terry White

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