Win 3SIXT Paladin Phone Case Packs

Win 3SIXT Paladin Phone Case Packs

Win one of 12 x 3SIXT Paladin Phone Cases & Prism Glass Protector Packs valued at $119.90 each.


3SIXT Paladin series - Durability meets design.

Layers of finely compressed armour combine with smart defensive features to deliver your phone protection from whatever your life throws at it.

Able to withstand drops from up to 3m and shield ports from dust and debris, the Paladin prioritises safety while intelligent design keeps it impressively slim and ergonomical.


What makes the Paladin Case unique?

* Reinforced Inner Walls: Impact resistant walls mean every drop is worry free.
* Protected Ports: Keep dust and debris outside your phone. Simply pop out when it's time for charging.
* Protect your phone from accidental drops of up to 3 metres.
* The packaging is 100% Recyclable.

3SIXT Paladin series

RRP: $69.95



3SIXT Prism Glass series - Ultimate level glass.

Easy to apply and hard to damage, Prism Glass achieves the highest results in both clarity and strength by using Corning® Gorilla® Glass material.

Put simply, you cannot treat your phone screen better.


What makes the Prism Glass Screen Protector unique?

 * Uses the latest Corning® Gorilla® Glass material to protect against drops.
* Anti-scratch & anti-smudge to keep optimal optical clarity.
* Super easy application process.
* The packaging is 100% Recyclable.


3SIXT Prism Glass

RRP: $49.95