Choosing the Right Tradesman

Choosing the Right Tradesman

Whether it's for major remodeling project, fixing a leak in the laundry room or simply having your living room carpet ready for spring cleaning; one way or another, you are going to need the services of a tradesman. But guess what? Finding the right one can be a big task in itself if you want to avoid making the mistake of hiring fly-by-night tradies from which home improvement horror stories are made of.

With many homeowners wanting to have home maintenance or repair issues fixed as quickly as possible, it's no surprise that complaints from poor workmanship have also become widespread. Unfortunately, there are rogue tradesmen who take advantage of the rush; with profit, rather than quality service, their primary objective. Regardless of the size of the task that's need to be done, here are some tips to help you find the most suitable tradie for your home improvement needs.

Look for someone with reputation

Ask around. It's likely that a couple of your friends, family members or neighbors have a name or company that they trust and can recommend. Besides, word-of-mouth is usually more reliable than promotional ads when it comes to the quality of service provided. Another great source of information is the internet. You can easily find tradesmen near you but don't just pick any name. Take time to read reviews and visit business websites.

If you can, find out how long he's been in business. Longevity translates to more years of experience. For a company, make sure that it has a legitimate address and a landline phone. If it lists a mobile number only, consider this a possible red flag.

Decide if you want price or quality. It makes a difference

As the lady in the house holding the purse for the household budget, it's perfectly understandable that you don't want to spend more than you should. But you also have to remember that the cheapest option is usually not the best one.

A tradesman who is desperate to find work would be willing to accept a comparatively low rate. In most cases, though, giving you the best service is not his priority and results will be far from satisfactory. Simply put, you're going to get what you paid for.

In fact, if the work done is sloppy, you will probably end up spending more for restoration. To avoid this risk; have a reasonable amount in mind when consulting with a tradesman while communicating clearly that you won't settle for anything less that the best service. Most times, getting the best tradesman also means being the best customer as well.

Build rapport

You and the tradesman you hire will have a professional relationship and this relationship needs to work well. As a customer, don't be afraid to ask questions, even the most basic ones. The more transparency there is, the better understanding the tradesman will have of your needs. You, in turn, will have more confidence that he is there to help you. After all, a trustworthy tradesman takes pride in his work and a client complaint would be the last thing he wants.

Verify credentials

Ensure that the tradesman or company is running a legitimate operation by checking if he has the appropriate licences and if he carries the right insurance to keep himself and your property protected while on the job.

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