Chocoholics Anonymous Parties

Chocoholics Anonymous Parties

Chocoholics Anonymous Parties

Do you love chocolate?
Do you love lollies?
Do you love parties?

Of course you said yes to at least one, if not all three of these questions and if so Chocoholics Anonymous is for you!

WARNING: This article will make you want to taste the Chocoholics range of delicious chocolate goods.

When I heard about Chocoholics Anonymous and saw the catalogue I knew I had to have a party. Chocoholics Anonymous is a party plan company, similar to Tupperwear but instead of plastic they have CHOCOLATE!

Over 300 different types of unique chocolate goodies; most of which are lollies, fudge, fruit or nuts covered in quality white, dairy or dark milk chocolate. Mmmm.. yummy!

My Chocoholics Anonymous party was a success and was so easy for me to organise. I chose some guests, reminded them on the day and my host, Andrea, did the rest. The party was fun, delicious and entertaining. I think the hardest part was choosing six samples for my guests to try, in the end I chose:
Brown Babies (Chocolate covered Brown Babies)
White Heaven (Raspberry Jubes covered in white chocolate)
Berrycream Dreams (Strawberries and Cream covered in milk chocolate)
Spearmint Specials (Chocolate Covered spearmint leafs)
Choc Choppers (Chocolate covered lolly teeth)
Milkman's Special (Milk Bottle lollies covered in dairy milk)

Between samples Andrea would show us more of the Chocoholic range like chocolate flavoured room diffusers, lip gelati, dipping fondue set, pudding sauces, chocolate nougat, freeze dried ice-cream and more delightful treats!

Looking through the catalogue was a pleasure, I pretty much wanted everything from chocolate covered dried apricots to musk sticks dipped in chocolate. Chocoholics also have an extensive range of chocolate covered dried fruits like strawberries, mango, banana and citrus fruits as well as chocolate covered nuts.

If you aren't a major chocolate fan, Chocoholics Anonymous parties have the best gifts for those difficult friends and family members in your life. Super freckle chocolate letters and numbers are great for gifts, they come in every letter and number and look adorable!

Andrea had some stock on the night for guests to take home there orders, although like most home-parties you may have to wait 3-6 weeks for your order to be delivered, it's worth the wait.

Honestly I could not stop eating the chocolate covered brown babies, they are delicious and come covered in white (Eskimos) or milk (Brown Babies) chocolate. I was also a huge fan of the Choc Choppers which are chocolate covered lolly teeth! The only problem is you can't stick them in your mouth and pretend you have funny lolly teeth- but really there is no time for that when they are this tasty!

For hosting a party you receive a four box of Belgium Milk Chocolates and 10% of your sales over $150 to spend on chocolate. I had about 20 people at my Chocoholics Anonymous Party and we had over $700 in sales, which meant as a host I had $70 to spend on products, Yes! Because everyone loves chocolate and there is such a wide range of chocolate covered lollies & chocolates, it is so easy to sell!

You can choose to have six samples for your guests to try or you can have a fondue party where Chocoholics Anonymous supplies the chocolate and you supply the dipping ingredients; anything from fruit to lollies and marshmallows! If you would like to pay for the chocolate for the fondue you can have both the six samples and the chocolate fondue!

The only difference in this party plan is all orders need to be paid for on the day.

Chocoholics is 100% Australian owned- so why not indulge in some Australian chocolate!

And best of all, it's great tasting quality chocolate.

If you're interested in hosting a

Chocoholics Anonymous

The girls at had the pleasure of trying out some of the range from Chocoholics Anonymous, and we weren't disappointed, using great quality chocolate mixed with all your favourite lollies was definitely an experience.

It's hard to say which was our favourite as we all had different, mine was the strawberry cream, brown baby, milk bottle & jelly frog chocolate covered lollies. You see the problem, there are just too many good options. Some great party ideas for kids & adults plus corporate gifts, we love Chocoholics Anonymous' range.

The biggest problem was running out....