This year, in celebration of Chinese New Year, the QVB will put on a spectacular array of traditional Lion Dances, dumpling making demonstrations, sampling of Chinese culinary delicacies and, of course, an abundance of fortune cookies!

On Friday 8th February, Sydney-siders are encouraged to immerse themselves in the festivities with exciting traditional Lion Dances performed at 12pm and 1.30pm. Audiences will be captivated as the Lions weave their way through the building to the sounds of the drums.

QVB's opulent Chinese restaurant and dumpling house, Fat Buddha, will inspire and educate Sydney foodies in the art of authentic Chinese cuisine, with tastings and live demonstrations on how to prepare dim sum and dumplings at 11am and 1pm on Friday 15th February.

Those who really want to sink their teeth into Chinese New Year, take advantage of the Fat Buddha promotion with a special banquet deal running the length of the celebrations, as well as $5 parking after 5pm.

Be enchanted with a series of beautiful and traditional Ribbon Dance performances taking place on Friday 22nd February between 11am – 2pm.

In addition to hosting these special performances, QVB will be giving customers the chance to win a Taste of China. This includes a banquet dinner for six at the QVB's dumpling house and restaurantat Buddha, as well as six tickets to the Dragon Ball at Town Hall.