Cancer Patient Beau Walks with a Dinosaur

Cancer Patient Beau Walks with a Dinosaur

Cancer Patient Beau Walks with a Dinosaur

Five year old Beau Miller was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in November 2011 and has undergone three years of treatment. However, throughout this time, Beau has maintained his love of dinosaurs; he watches Jurassic Park, documentaries on YouTube and is always telling his friends and family weird and wonderful facts about these prehistoric creatures! So Make-A-Wish® UK, the charity that grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions, granted Beau's wish to walk with dinosaurs!


Beau, from Falkirk, travelled in a limo to meet the dinosaurs, which made him feel like a celebrity! On arrival Beau went on an exciting treasure hunt to find two very special dinosaurs. First, he found Tricey the Triceratops – she seemed a little shy but was very playful. Then Beau found Tyrone the T.rex, who he absolutely loved. Tyrone seemed very big to Beau, even though he was only a teenage dinosaur!

Dad Ross said: 'The impact of Beau's wish will be to get rid of some of the bad memories from the last few years and create new, happy memories. As a family we would never have been able to organise something like this – we will never forget it."


Beau had chemotherapy and steroid treatment, alongside additional hospital visits when he had temperatures. Dad Ross said: 'The worst thing is the worry of day to day living – not knowing what will happen and spending so much time in hospital."

He continued: 'Beau really surprised us on the wish– he used to be shy but on the day he was confident and interacted well with everyone. He came out of his shell and we hope this is now the future for Beau."

In a recent Make-A-Wish survey of wish families, 72% reported that the wish experience provided the wish child with greater energy or vitality.  

There are currently 20,000 children and young people in the UK fighting a life-threatening condition. In 2015 we want to grant 1,000 wishes and need to raise £7.5 million in order to achieve this. Make-A-Wish receives no government funding – so every donation really does count. 

To make a donation or refer a child to Make-A-Wish please visit our website here: or telephone 01276 40 50 70.