Camp Quality Is The Highest Ranked Children's Charity in Australia

Camp Quality Is The Highest Ranked Children's Charity in Australia

Camp Quality Is The Highest Ranked Children's Charity in Australia

Camp Quality has climbed six places – from 12th to 6th - in the annual Charity Reputation Index. It is now the highest ranking children's charity in Australia according to the data, collected in October 2014 and released in December.

The Charity Reputation Index is produced by research consultant company AMR. It surveys 4,066 Australians (aged 18-64) to measure the overall reputation of the country's 40 largest charities and ranks them accordingly using a scoring system. In addition to collating overall reputation, the Charity Reputation Index also measures how Australians feel about each of the 40 charities according to seven parameters; Services, Innovation, Workplace, Citizenship, Governance, Leadership and Cost Management.

Simon Rountree, Camp Quality's Chief Executive, said: 'A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure our charity is completely trustworthy and meticulously accounts for every single donated dollar. Camp Quality has 2,500 volunteers and just 113 full or part time staff members in 12 offices right across Australia. Because volunteers outnumber staff 23:1, we save hugely on costs so more money goes straight to where it's needed – to our kids living with cancer and their families."

Some charities in the index suffered as a result of findings by the royal commission into child sexual abuse; the Salvation Army dropped 17 places from 10th to 27th. Camp Quality has been recognised as sector leaders under the Safeguarding Children Program run by the Australian Childhood Foundation. Every volunteer and every single member of staff is thoroughly working-with-children checked before working with Camp Quality.

Camp Quality this year extended its programs to become the first national charity in Australia to support children who have a parent living with cancer. Since running its first ever camp for kids living with cancer in 1983, the charity now runs programs for the whole family across four areas: at hospital, at home, at school and away from it all at camps.

Camp Quality is the children's family cancer charity. Our purpose is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. The services we provide for children living with cancer and their families help them build optimism and resilience.

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