Calming spaces in the home

Calming spaces in the home

Calming spaces in the home

Create your own mindfulness zones with soothing, nature-inspired Dulux colours

When you're working from home or the kids are remote learning, it's all too easy to spend entire days hunched over a computer – a habit that we know isn't good for either our physical or emotional health. Research tells us that taking time to step away from your desk to clear your mind, stretch and recharge – even if it's only for a few minutes – makes you happier, healthier and more productive. And you don't need to leave home to do it!

Creating a sanctuary within our homes has never been more important to support our wellbeing, and the use of colour can play a crucial role. According to Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager, colour can be a powerful tool to create dedicated mindfulness zones in the home for specific activities of self- care (like reading, writing and yoga) and can help aid self-awareness.

"Soft colours drawn from nature are known to soothe the mind and promote a sense of wellbeing – just what we need during these challenging times," Andrea says. "You can use these gentle tones to create quiet, mindfulness zones within your home where you or the kids can switch off and calm the mind."

Why not set up a yoga space in your living room, create a cosy kids' reading corner, or give a teenager's bedroom a mood-enhancing colour lift?

"You don't need to re-style your entire home or have a huge amount of space – any quiet area will do," Andrea says. "Set aside a couple of hours, grab a paint brush and away you go – you'll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to create these spaces."

Here, the Dulux team shows you how.

Unwind in your yoga zone.
Gentle earth-based greens make us feel relaxed and connected to nature – perfect for creating a dedicated yoga zone in your living area. Try painting the walls a soft green, such as Dulux Pale Tendril, with a crisp white like Dulux Lexicon® Half on trims. Add in touches of grounding clay colours on upcycled décor pieces and carry the colour through soft furnishings for a sense of flow. Keep the look simple and clutter-free, with pale timbers, natural textures and a medley of indoor plants. Then, roll out the yoga mat, light a candle, breathe deeply and relax.

Chill out in your cushion corner.
Concerned about your little one spending too much time on devices? Set up a cosy chill-out zone in the corner of their bedroom or playroom where they can read a book, do a puzzle or play quietly – all it takes is a lick of paint and some comfy cushions.

"Define the area by painting a section of the wall in a serene light blue, such as Dulux Vanilla Ice, and using a cool white on the remaining walls, such as Dulux Vivid White™. Pops of inky blue, such as Dulux Grid, on accessories and décor pieces and added to soft furnishings will help to finish the look and ground the space," Andrea adds.

Lastly, increase the comfort factor with a soft, textured rug and layers of generous, squishy cushions that your little one can snuggle into.

Let your sofa cove nurture your soul.
Plan meditation as part of your daily routine by creating your own little oasis at home. Designate a spot where you'll feel comfortable and settled, such as a nook in the living area or the corner of your bedroom.

"Decorate it with natural, earth-based colours that make you feel safe and cocooned, such as Dulux Clay Pipe Half and Dulux Teahouse on the walls, and a warm white like Dulux Natural White™ on the ceiling and trims," Andrea says.

You'll want minimal distractions in your meditation space, so take a 'less is more' approach to furnishings. Opt for pared-back furniture in organic materials, positioned with plenty of breathing space around them. Make comfort a priority; choose a curvy armchair in a tactile fabric such as boucle, layered with sheepskin or faux-fur throws and cushions, and a textured rug underfoot. From there, dim the lights, light a candle and turn your attention inward.

Imagine and travel in your reading nook.
With travel off the agenda for now, books are your child's ticket to faraway places. Help make this quiet activity a joy by carving out a dedicated reading corner.

"Set the scene with a welcoming and laid-back palette of mossy green across a feature wall (try Dulux Pale Sage), with accents of forest green and clay in furniture and accessories," Andrea says.

Arrange a daybed or spare sofa with blankets, throws and cushions of differing shapes and sizes. Add a side table to store books, magazines and indoor plants to emphasise a natural connection.

"Mindfulness is a great way to help our kids – and ourselves – build resilience, self-awareness and gratitude we need to navigate these difficult times," says Andrea. "Just be sure to choose the space for your mindfulness zone thoughtfully – ideally it should be away from busy spots such as the kitchen and TV room so you can really tap into your zen."

Empower your children to repose in their bedroom oasis.
Having spent so much time at home in the past year, chances are your teenager is sick of the sight of their bedroom. Help them fall back in love with their personal space by giving it a quick and uplifting colour refresh. Styling the room with calming pinks, soft layered textures and fresh flowers makes it feel captivating and inviting and, according to colour psychologists, will help in creating a positive outlook.

"Create a unique bedhead by painting a circle shape on the wall behind the bed in a dusty pink such as Dulux Victoriana, and remaining walls in a more subtle, tonal shade of Dulux Porcelain Half," Andrea says.

Keep the room bright and open by painting the trims and ceiling in Dulux Natural White™. Pile the bed high with soft, tactile bedding – think natural linens, cottons, chunky woollen blankets and decadent velvet cushions – to create a chillaxing bedroom they'll love,"
she adds.