Bushfire Relief Auction

Bushfire Relief Auction

Jeff Thomson Donates Rare Baggy Green Hat for Bushfire Relief Auction

Aussie Cricket legend, Jeff 'Thommo' Thomson, the world's fastest bowler, is putting his last remaining Baggy Green Hat and Cricket Vest up for auction to help raise funds for those affected in the bushfire tragedy.

Thommo's memorabilia will go up for auction through Lloyds Auctions Bushfire Relief Auction, where 100% of funds donated to charities and fire services including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Wires and the RFS.

"I don't have much of my memorabilia left, so these two items are quite rare and special," Jeff Thomson said.

"It's hard to say what these pieces may go for, but I just hope that they can raise some decent funds that will really make a difference for all of those in need right now," he said.

These two incredible pieces of limited-edition memorabilia will also be sold with a Letter of Authenticity.

"Lloyds do a lot of charity auctions so I have specifically chosen them to put my gear into the Bushfire Relief Auction because 100% of proceeds will go directly to the communities, fire-fighters and wildlife affected by the fires, with no fees and no commission," Jeff said.

Jeff Thomsons donations are just some of the incredible items being offered in what will be a series of online Bushfire Relief Auctions.

Lloyds Chief Operations Officer, Lee Hames, has stated there has been a huge response from the Australian community, with hundreds of people wanting to donate and assist where possible.

"The response from the Australian community from those wanting to donate and help where they can has been astounding, with hundreds of items and experiences coming through, all of which will be put through a series of auctions in the coming weeks," Mr Hames said.

"These auctions could raise millions of dollars, so for those wanting to get involved, we encourage you to head to our website, as I can say there are some truly incredible, rare and exciting items coming through these auctions."

"As these unprecedented bushfires tear through Australia, we want to help as many fire-affected lives as possible," he said.

Bidding for the Bushfire Relief Charity Auction is now live at www.lloydsauctions.com.au, or if you are in a position to donate an item or experience that people can bid on to raise vital funds, please call us on 1800 456 588.


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