Brock Pierce For President

Brock Pierce For President

From starring in Disney's FIRST KID opposite Sinbad to now making a real life run for the White House as an independent candidate for President of the United States, former child actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist BROCK PIERCE, who is making headline this week.

A pioneer in digital currency, Pierce has filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) running as an Independent in the November 3, 2020 Presidential election. Pierce is known as one of the leaders of digital currency and is a recognized thought leader in the world of blockchain, gaming and media. He is available to share with you his focus on creating a country where technological innovation is allowed to flourish.

Pierce is a famed job creator, entrepreneur and philanthropist with a proven track record of founding disruptive businesses. He has been credited with pioneering the market for digital currency and has raised more than $5 billion for companies he has founded.

A frequent public speaker, Pierce has been featured in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Forbes, Wired and more for his remarkable and pioneering work in tech, media, cryptocurrency, and philanthropy. Born and raised in Minnesota, Pierce was a child actor (THE MIGHTY DUCKS, FIRST KID) who became an entrepreneur at a very early age, then later became a well-recognized figure in technology and innovation. A staunch supporter of entrepreneurs and small businesses, he understands what it takes to build a business from the ground up. Pierce is campaigning on a vision for a brighter future for Americans after the challenges of 2020 by supporting small businesses and implementing 21st century technology practices that will enable Americans to lead more prosperous lives, from supporting mental health initiatives to supporting grassroots efforts to protect the environment. He leads his campaign with MAKE EVERY VOICE COUNT.

Upon moving to Puerto Rico in 2017, he immediately prioritized philanthropy after seeing the devastation Hurricane Maria left behind. He later led The Integro Foundation, a Puerto Rico based not-for-profit organization, which provides philanthropic resources to Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands, and the and the indigenous people of the Americas.

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