Here comes the bride, all dressed in ... bandages? E!'s new series, "Bridalplasty" pits 12 brides-to-be in a competition to win the perfect dream wedding and the dream body to go along with it.

Host and celebrity bride herself, Shanna Moakler, leads these betrothed women who are seeking complete image transformations before their ' big day ' through a series of wedding-themed competitions to earn their dream wedding and get plastic surgery procedures from one of Hollywood's most sought-after plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow. From crooked noses, bad teeth and flat chests to thin lips and muffin tops, each challenge winner gets a procedure off her wish list with the last bride standing receiving every treatment she desires. Her new look will be unveiled to friends, family and, most importantly, her fiancé for the first time at the altar on her wedding day.

The brides-to-be are made up of a diverse group of women eager to have their ultimate "I do" ceremony. The brides include:
Netty, 23, a medical technician from Glendale, CA, who considers herself to be a spoiled brat.
Alexandra, 21, a customer service rep from Atlanta, GA, who is a former contestant on "The Biggest Loser" where she also met her fiancé.
Allyson, 32, unemployed from Crestwood, IL, who was recently laid off at the same time as her fiancé.
Ashley, 25, an office manager from La Palma, CA, who would like to change the fact that she looks like her father.
Cheyenne, 21, a gym receptionist from Hamburg, NJ, who is a small town Mummy's girl who is struggling with running a household on her own.
Dominique, 24, a bartender from Surfside, FL, who resents her parents for spending all their money on her sister's wedding and not saving any for hers.
Jaimie, 23, a receptionist from Canoga Park, CA, who wants to re-marry her husband after they rushed their first time to the altar so her mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, could attend.
Jenessa, 27, a technology consultant from Wayne, NJ, who gave her fiancé a timeline and ultimatum for the marriage proposal.
Jessica, 30, a property manager from Virginia Beach, VA, who's dream is to get her breasts reconstructed before getting into a wedding dress.
Kristen, 21, a nanny from Orange County, CA, who is the daughter of a former Miss California, who competed in pageants herself and was crowned Miss Anaheim 2005.

Lisa Marie, 29, a nurse practitioner from San Pedro, CA, who wants every type of plastic surgery possible done before her wedding.Melissa, 20, a student who is also in the army reserves from Riverside, CA, who met her husband in the ROTC club and had a quickie wedding before he was called to duty in the Middle East where he has been stationed.In the premiere episode, 12 eager brides-to-be from across the country move into a magnificent hilltop mansion where they will live together while competing to collect plastic surgery procedures and fabulous wedding prizes throughout the competition. Before the competition heats up, the brides first meet with Dr. Dubrow for a private consultation to create a personalised plastic surgery "wish list" that they hope will be completed by the time they walk down the aisle and no procedure is off limits. After a visit with the doc, the girls have dinner to get to know each other a little better and it doesn't take long before all their talk of going under the knife, gets under each other's skins.

Each of the 10 episodes will feature a competition based theme derived from the many elements that go into wedding planning, such as the perfect gown, delicious food and exquisite décor. In the first challenge, the ladies must put together a puzzle of a photo resembling their perfect body in a wedding gown and as each bride completes her puzzle, she is rewarded with an invitation to a fabulous Botox party. The last two girls to complete their puzzles are up for elimination. Let the battle for Botox begin!

Led by a new wedding expert each week along with Shanna, the brides will compete to win such wedding necessities as cake, flowers and the coveted wedding dress. The winner is safe from elimination and is immediately sent to get one "wish list" procedure from Dr. Dubrow. The girls who do the worst in each challenge will be up for elimination while the safe girls will vote on their fate. The brides, safe from elimination, will vote for the bride whom they want to stay in the competition. Once tallied, the girl with the least amount of votes will be eliminated.

In the finale, one "Bridalplasty" competitor will be crowned the winner and viewers will follow her journey as she prepares for her dream wedding, which includes undergoing all of the procedures on her plastic surgery "wish list." The finale will also document her fiancé's reaction to the moment where his betrothed walks up the aisle and he lifts her veil to see her new look for the very first time. The dramatic finale marks the end of this bride's quest for perfection as she finally becomes the princess in her very own fairy-tale wedding.

"Bridalplasty" host, Shanna Moakler is one of the entertainment industry's most sought-after talents having hosted CW's reality series "Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants," competing on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" and also starred in the MTV series "Meet the Barkers" with her (now) ex-husband, Blink 182 Drummer, Travis Barker.

Dr. Terry Dubrow is a board certified plastic surgeon in southern California with over 15 years of experience. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Certified Expert for The California Medical Board. He was the plastic surgeon on the Fox television show "The Swan" and his surgical practice includes reconstructive cancer surgery as well as cosmetic surgery.

The series is produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, an Endemol company who have been behind some of cable television's biggest franchises, including "The Surreal Life," "My Fair Brady," "Flavor of Love" and "Rock of Love." Executive producers are Giuliana Rancic and Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego for 51 Minds.

Bridalplasty premieres on the Style Network on Wednesday 2nd of March at 7:30pm.