Bill Cosby Sentenced

Bill Cosby Sentenced

Bill Cosby Sentenced: "People Power at its Best and Australia Should Follow Suit"

"Cosby's sentencing tells the world that workplaces and women the world over are no longer tolerating bad behaviour in any environment." Will Barsby Shine Lawyers Employment Law Expert

Globally famous actor and comedian, Bill Cosby has been jailed and labelled a "sexually violent predator". The former entertainer has been sentenced to three to 10 years in prison after a monumental legal battle over numerous sexual assault accusations in his time as an entertainer.

Shine Lawyers' National Special Counsel for employment law, Will Barsby said, "Bill Cosby is the first celebrity to be sentenced as a result of the #METOO movement."

"Cosby's sentencing tells the world that workplaces and women the world over are no longer tolerating bad behaviour in any environment," said Barsby.

"It tells the world that everybody, regardless of status or seniority will be held to account for doing the wrong thing. People power is having a moment and Australians who have been in a similar situation, should be encouraged by today's news."

"What we understand from research on the impact of abuse is that it can take years for a victim to feel comfortable to share their story. Today's news tells us that victims are finally being heard."

In Australia, Shine Lawyers has worked with Tracy Spicer's NOW Australia movement to offer solutions and a strategy for compensation and accountability in every industry.

Since the #METOO movement, Shine has received a phone call every week with a new complaint of sexual harassment.

Leading National law firm Shine Lawyers is reminding Australians there are legal protections in the workplace if you face retribution or retaliation after making a sexual harassment complaint.

It follows new statistics from a Human Rights Commission survey that found 1 in 5 women who made a complaint about sexual harassment reported that they were then labelled as troublemakers, ostracised or ignored by colleagues or victimised in the workplace.

"There are rights enshrined in law that protect you in the workplace when you make a complaint whether it is about sexual harassment or safety. You can't be fired, demoted or adversely impacted if you make a complaint," explains Shine Lawyers Employment Law expert Will Barsby.

Shine Lawyers advises workers who have been sexually harassed to:
• Make a complaint to a supervisor or HR department if you feel safe to do so
• Report the incident to your doctor or health professional
• If the incident has left you unable to work or unwell employees can be entitled to lodge a claim for assistance
• Make a formal complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission
• Speak to a lawyer for legal advice on your options

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