Barn Doors: Slide Into Style with Corinthian

Barn Doors: Slide Into Style with Corinthian

The barn door's quaint appeal and design versatility have taken it from the farmhouse into the family house, as many Australians choose to put a modern twist on the much-loved classic style feature.

In line with this fashionable contemporary cue, Corinthian is launching a new range of internal barn doors and hardware that have been designed to offer an array of looks that add eye-catching character to any home from modern to traditional and Scandi to industrial.

The Moda Barn Door Collection is crafted from sustainable solid timber and is available in two finishes: a light American White Oak veneer that's perfect for staining, or Primed, which allows for smooth paint finish. There are multiple designs across the range, including a diagonal brace, centre brace and British brace, which are mirrored on both sides, providing even more choice when it comes to transforming your interior space.

"The new designs are an extension of the popular Moda interior door range, which takes cues from the simple yet elegant shaker style," says Corinthian Doors Marketing Manager, Amy Ryan. "Acting as functional feature in both small apartments and more spacious houses, the Moda Barn Door Collection provides homeowners with a solution of a sliding door that is perfect for walls where there is no cavity pocket and can be used in a variety of applications, from kitchens to living rooms to bathrooms. Hardware is a vital part of the barn door's aesthetic with tracks and rollers left purposefully exposed.

Corinthian has also introduced a face-mounted barn door track and hardware kit including a twometre track, rollers, and anti-jump stops for smooth sliding. Available in a matt black finish, the barn door fixtures are strikingly contemporary and can be used across a range of the brand's exterior and interior doors.

Poor anchoring can be a common pitfall for barn doors and results in them swinging away from and into walls, causing potential damage," Amy continues.

Corinthian offers two types of door guides to prevent this from occurring. A classic floor-mounted version secures doors in a discreet manner, and comes included in the barn door track and hardware kit. For floors made of materials that are difficult to drill into, such as tile, cement, stone, marble, a wall-mounted door guide (sold separately) can be easily affixed to the adjacent skirting or wall and is just as discreet as the floor mounted guide.

The benefits of barn doors go beyond aesthetics. When slid to the side, they create the feel of an open floor plan with visual and spatial flow. Closed, and they offer a comfortable cosiness with privacy. While hinge and pivot doors require empty space to accommodate their trajectory, barn doors slide parallel to the wall, occupying a fraction of the area offering an instant space saving shortcut, allowing more room for furniture and décor.

"Whether building or renovating, a barn door is an easy to install option that will add instant modern style to any space," Amy concludes.