Bankstown Biennale Symbiosis

Bankstown Biennale Symbiosis

Bankstown Arts Centre is thrilled to announce the inaugural Bankstown Biennale in 2020. Entitled Symbiosis, the Biennale will bring together a broad range of artists of diverse backgrounds and practices, in one major event across multiple Bankstown venues from 10th October to 21st November.

In 2020, the Biennale asks artists to examine recent crises impacting us locally and globally. With the bushfires, Covid-19 and economic change, the Biennale invited artists to create artistic responses which actively facilitate individual, collective and civic responsibility for our planet's sustainability.

Symbiosis: Bankstown Biennale will feature the work of 20 artists, co-curated by Bankstown Art Centre Director Vandana Ram and independent artist/curator Heidi Axelsen. The Artistic line-up showcases both established and emerging artists including Nicole Monks, Joan Ross, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro, Jason Wing and more, who are creating works ranging across multiple mediums including drawing, painting, installation, photography, sculpture and video.

Curators Vandana Ram and Heidi Axelsen hope that the inaugural Bankstown Biennale offers an alternative response to crisis and that we use this opportunity to go beyond an anthropocentric world view, where our species has been the dominant influence on life on earth.

To meet the artists and for more information visit Bankstown Biennale