Balcony Makeovers

Balcony Makeovers

It's a proven fact that mental and physical wellbeing can be greatly enhanced by spending time outdoors in green spaces. For those of us who have our own garden space to enjoy, there's no better feeling than stepping out into your own peaceful oasis.

Not everyone, however, has this luxury. With approximately one in ten households in Australia having no access to a private or shared garden, it's time to get a little creative. Here we're showing the possibilities for gardenless gardens with six re-imagined spaces outside and inside city homes. We've even got some tips to get the look and those essential plants to make it a reality.

The nomadic sanctuary

Whether meditation is your thing, you simply want to evoke past memories of far flung travel or you are dreaming of your next adventure, you can re-imagine your inner city balcony to be anywhere in the world.

With a few simple design elements, the right accessories and of course the right plants, you could be in Southeast Asia, South America, India or wherever your imagination takes you.

This eclectic colourful space is inspired by global travel and evokes the warmth and colour of a real-life tropical retreat.

How to get the look: Key to this look and to create this gardenless garden is the use of colour - and lots of it. Think terracotta pots, pops of brightness on your soft furnishings (the more the better) and white lanterns. Include these main features but always make it your own with a few colourful plants too.

Which plants to use

Create your very own sanctuary by using:

• New Guinea Impatiens
• Kentia Palm
• Barrel Cactus
• Ixora
• Mini bougainvillea
• Hoya in shades of red and pink

You can find all 6 design transformations alongside practical advice here: Love The Garden