Babyliss Paris Homelight Compact

Babyliss Paris Homelight Compact

Babyliss Paris Homelight Compact

Babyliss Paris launches the Homelight Compact – an easy to handle IPL hair removal device that works with your smartphone/tablet to guide you through each treatment, every step of the way!

Say goodbye to expensive salon treatments and hello to smooth-to-the-touch skin! To start, all you do is download the BaByliss Homelight App for free from the App Store or Google Play and then go to work with your Personalised Treatment Buddy! Yes, it's that easy.

Your Personalised Treatment Buddy – how does it help?

By allowing you to personalise individual treatments for each area of your face or body. And helping you add your own customised treatment;
Times the length of each treatment session journaling your every treatment; and
By scheduling a follow-up treatment reminder in your smartphone or tablet calendar.

What Is IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal uses optical energy to stop the growth of hair.
Gentle flashes of light are applied onto the skin's surface to target the hair follicle's melanin and root.
These flashes of light are transformed into heat while the surrounding skin stays cool.
The heat from the flash causes hair to go into a resting phase, ceasing growth.
As a result, hair re-growth is weakened and hair sheds naturally.
IPL is well known & has been subjected to over 15 years of clinical testing around the world.
Adapted from the same technology used by professional salons, BaByliss brings safe, painless and permanent IPL hair removal for at-home use.

Advantages Of The Babyliss Paris Homelight Compact:

No need for daily shaving or waxing;
Maintenance free long-life** Quartz Technology with 200,000 flashes. No replacement bulbs needed. Save $$$ on salon treatments.
Personalised Treatment Buddy – never miss a treatment!
3cm² application surface for fast treatment of larger areas – treat both legs in 10 - 15 minutes!
5 level light intensity selection guide to fit most skin tones (Phototypes l to V°).
Precision skin contact sensor for safe & direct hair removal.
Clinically & dermatologically tested for proven effectiveness with a 90% reduction in hair.
Integrated optical filter shields the skin from UV rays for safe at-home use (wave lengths > 550 nanometres).
Compact & lightweight design for perfect control.
2 variable control settings with easy to use flash activation.
FAST = Continuous flash mode (up to 36 flashes/min) for fast & efficient treatment of body, legs, arms, back, chest and torso.
PRECISE = Manual flash mode for precise and controlled treatment of sensitive areas – face, underarms and bikini line + stubborn regrowth.
BONUS Precision Trimmer for fine detailing of bikini line, eyebrows and facial hair.

RRP $399 Model Number: G931A
2 Year Warranty. Stockists: 1800 650 263
For more information, visit